Lee Henderson’s Club100 Predictions

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Club100 is often called the UK’s premier arrive and drive championship and with the quality and depth of talent it’s hard to argue that point. Club100 have made some changes during the off season, not only new TKM powered engines, but also changes to the class structure to a more simplistic layout. Instead of the 3 tier promotion as before of Lightweight or Heavyweight to Clubman to Premier, it is now Lightweight or Heavyweight to Elite class. Adjustments to the minimum weights for each championship have also been made which now allows a more level playing field to those who in previous years were over the weight limit.

Elite Sprints – Ian Blake

The 2014 Premier sprints champion missed out on retaining his crown in 2015 to Anwar Beroual-Smith and will be fired up to make 2016 the year he returns to the top of the mountain. This year though I feel it could be the toughest yet with the usual top class entries joined by, in my opinion, some of the strongest drivers to be promoted. The pick of those promoted who could push Ian all the way are Dan Healey, Alex Ready and Sean Brierley who had an epic battle over the 2015 Lightweight championship. From the Heavyweight championship promoted drivers my pick will be James Hattersley after not only being a front runner individually but also in Club100 Endurance championships.

Ian Blake curbing it!

Lightweight Sprints – Darri Simms

Darri won the Club100 Rookie Endurance championship in 2015 which will make him a strong contender to transfer his knowledge and pace to the sprints. The Lightweight championship is one of hardest to call with so many new names on the entry list for round 1, but with DMAX regular Tom Golding on the entry list (should he decide to compete a full season) he could be tough to beat and have a chance to make history by aiming to be the only person in history to win a DMAX and Club100 championship in the same year.

Darri Sims
Darri Simms

Heavyweight Sprints – David Whitehouse or Luke Hornsby

The one championship I found it difficult to choose a winner in. David a former Covkartsport Heavyweight champion is in his debut season in Club100 but has a wealth of experience to call upon. Luke now steps up to Heavyweights after the last 2 years in Lightweights. His knowledge of the karts and the tracks will put him in strong contention to win his maiden Club100 championship. Another name to put in contention for the overall honours would be Julian Clist but he would need to improve his consistency from that shown in 2015.


Are you #TeamHornsby
Are you #TeamHornsby
Or #TeamWhitehouse
Or #TeamWhitehouse

It will certainly be a competitive year year in Club100 and will be many twists and turns along the way. This year will without doubt separate the men from the boys.

This article was written by Lee Henderson


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