Little Green Man and X30 tour 2015

Record breaking entry for LGM & X30 tour at PF

We thought that it might be someone playing an April Fool when news of the entrants at PF first started to filter through on Wednesday. When 69 Senior X30 competitors turned out for Saturday’s practice session, though, it became clear that there was a piece of history in the making. “There’s never been a “C” Final for any class on my circuit, not even in those days before the circuit extension allowed us to run 36 karts at any one time” a delighted Paul Fletcher pointed out. “It looks as though we could be running one tomorrow and in the Seniors of all classes. Isn’t it fantastic? It just goes to show that, if you can get the formula right, there are still plenty of adult karters who want to take part in MSA racing.”

With 56 Junior X30 drivers and 50 Lile Green Man contenders also showing up, TVKC officials had a difficult balancing job on their hands as they aempted to fit everything into a tight schedule. This was only partially solved by running two of the six LGM cadet Heats on Saturday aernoon. The rest of their plan involved restricting entrants in all other classes to a timed Qualifying session plus one Heat and a Final. It still meant that a total of 34 races would be run throughout Sunday, thus necessitating an early start to proceeding, with scrutineering beginning at 7.30 am.


Lewis Taylor topped the list in Timed Qualifying ahead of Alfie Brown and Eddie Hack, with all three drivers dipping under the 1 minute mark. Next up came Nicholas Taylor, Callum Bradshaw and Mario Mills. Lewis Taylor won his Heat followed by Hack and Bradshaw. Brown picked up the win next time out, with Mills finishing 2nd ahead of Ben Wooldridge, but there was disappointment for Nicholas Taylor who retired from this race aer completing just three laps, It meant that he’d be starting the “B” Final off grid 17. Undeterred by his task he quickly made up places and assumed the lead of this race just aer half distance. Josh Pickford, Taylor Bellini and Alfie Haralambous were the other three qualifiers.

In the “A” Final LewisTaylor was unable to capitalise on his pole position as Brown, Bradshaw and Joshua Simms all moved ahead of him. Brown was especially quick off the mark and he enjoyed a
lead of almost 30 yards aer just one lap had been completed. Bradshaw retired from 2nd place on
lap 2 leaving Hack to take up the chase ahead of Taylor and Simms. Taylor went ahead of Hack shortly afterwards and gradually Brown’s advantage began to disappear. Simms joined in the fun and it was anyone’s guess which of these four drivers would eventually come out on top.

With just over a lap remaining Taylor hit the front, closely followed by Hack. This intense bale brought Anderson Chilco and Ethan Hawkey into play as they began their final tour. Coming out of the right hand hairpin Brown pulled off a daring manoeuvre that brought him up to 1st place. Hack was badly compromised and dropped down to 5th. At the line it was Brown who celebrated victory ahead of Taylor, Hawkey, Chilco, Hack and Simms. Around 50 yards behind this pack came

Saul Robinson closely followed by Bryony King, Josh Rafferty and Yukinori Ishii.


Mark Litchfield is always quick on his home circuit, but Jacob Stilp was able to post an identical time in the Qualifying session. Gus Lawrence, Levi King, Lucas Vaus and Tom Prior made up the top six, but it was a shock to see Oliver Hodgson down in 19th spot. Heat 1 resulted in a narrow win for Litchield ahead of Lucas Vaus, Some 50 yards behind this pair came Philip Rawson with Hodgson just a few feet behind. Stephen Les won the next Heat followed by Chris Tro and Jacob Stilp. Dan Stocks had the honour of winning PF’s first ever “C” Final and then pulled off a stunning drive in the next one, missing out on a top four qualifying place by just one or two yards. Ayrton Hirst was a comfortable winner of this race followed by James Corpe, Glenn Guest and Sco Jeffs.

With such an impressive entry it would have been nice to report that the “A” Final turned into a real thriller. Unfortunately Mark Litchfield made sure that the ending was never really in doubt. From pole position he stormed off into an early lead, with Chris Tro trying desperately to keep him in his sights. Lucas Vaus should have started off from 3rd position but failed to make the rolling lap. Tro was soon overtaken by Stilp who eventually succumbed to Oliver Hodgson. Although Oliver managed to match Litchfield’s pace, the leader had already extended his advantage to some 50 yards by then. Tro finished behind Stilp in a lonely 4th position, Philip Rawson, on the new Fullerton kart, finished in 6th spot behind Stephen Les, with Danny Keirle, Levi King, Ma Dickinson and rookie driver Charlie Bingham making up the top ten.


Dexter Paerson had been showing astonishing form early on in the year, prompting his team at AIM to enquire on Facebook, “can anyone catch the canny wee Scot?” Quite a few drivers believed that they had the answer to that one, including Lorcan Hanafin, Brandon Martland, Jonny Edgar, Joseph Taylor and Mahew Hunt who all joined Dexter as Heat winners. It was Edgar, however, who claimed pole position for the “A” Final, with Paerson siing alongside him on row 1. Immediately behind these

two were Taylor Barnard and Finlay Bunce. Down at the other end sat Alex Walker, Alicia Goundry and Daniel Buerworth who had all qualified via the “B” Final. Aiden Neate thought he’d narrowly missed out of a qualifying place. However, he received a late call aer Max Barne was penalised.

Edgar made a good start, but Paerson looked to be in trouble as several drivers streamed past him under the bridge. This allowed Taylor to gain three places immediately and he was soon reminding Edgar of his presence with one or two healthy taps on the rear bumper. Paerson climbed up to 3rd place and temporarily took over 2nd spot before Taylor grabbed it back again. Packed tightly in behind Paerson were Martland, Bunce and Harry Thompson, with Reggie Duhy starting to fall off the pace slightly. Taylor went into the lead for several laps but then made a mistake that let Edgar take command once again.

With four laps still remaining Edgar, Taylor, Paerson and Thompson had broken away from the chasing pack led by Bunce. Taylor then went up Edgar’s inside, forcing him so wide that he dropped 5 places and lost 20 yards as a result. Thompson gained the most out of this manoeuvre by taking the lead followed by Paerson. Edgar fought his way up to 4th position as Taylor dropped down to 6th. Over the bridge they emerged on their final tour with Edgar moving ahead of Paerson and then overtaking Barnard for 2nd position. Paerson’s race ended badly when, with just a couple of corners to negotiate, he was struck by Duhy and lost ten places. Thompson crossed the line delighted to chalk up his first Lile Green Man victory. He was followed home by Edgar, Barnard, Taylor and Bunce. Aer retiring from an earlier Heat, Albert Carter had started this race off grid 25 but performed admirably to finally finish in 6th position.

Only a handful of the 270 competitors who turned up at PF were aware that this meeting very nearly didn’t go ahead. Minor alterations to one of the corners resulted in the MSA Permit being withdrawn on Wednesday. A series of frantic phone calls were made by the TVKC chairman Nigel Edwards and circuit owner Paul Fletcher, initially without much success. However, aer the CIK Vice President Kees Van De Grint intervened, permission was finally granted late on Thursday evening. “It’s given me a couple of sleepless nights and I don’t doubt that Nigel has suffered similarly,” Paul confessed. DB


Junior X30 Senior X30 Lile Green Man-Cadet

1 Alfie Brown BKC/Tony
2 Lewis Taylor Privateer/Wright
3 Ethan Hawkey Zip Young Guns/Birel-ART

1 Mark Litchfield PF International/CRG
2 Oliver Hodgson PF International/Kosmic
3 Jacob Stilp Privateer/Mad Croc

1 Harry Thompson Fusion/Synergy
2 Jonny Edgar Fusion/Synergy
3 Taylor Barnard AIM/Zip