Mad Croc karts: Adding some bite

madcrockart1For most people Mad Croc may just sound like a cool name of something or may even ask them to beg the question who and what? However for anyone in the motorsport world this is a brand and logo that has continued to crop up and for anyone in Finland it is a household name. So how has it found it’s way to karting? Mad Croc was originally set-up as an energy drinks company in 2004 before going on to release similar products such as chewing gum, so fruit chews and more recently alcoholic cocktails. After just a year in the business Mad Croc had out-sold all other competitors in Finland so moved out into the Northern-European Markets to do the same. Once doing that the company went World-wide selling in Africa, India, USA the Far East and many more! With all this success Mad Croc has labelled itself as the one of the World’s leading energy drinks and the fastest growing energy drinks brand at that!

So where has it appeared in motorsport I hear you ask? Well it has covered everything from GT’s to NASCAR, Powerboats, Single Seaters, Motorcross, Rally and all the way up to Formula 1! Not afraid of competing at the top level, the energy drink has now teamed up with the vastly experienced Armando Filini to make a new kart chassis. Some of you may be questioning why but whatever the reason this is a fantastic thing for the sport! Armando Filini is most known for his development of the BRM, Maranello and ART chassis but will now be walking around with a Mad Croc logo on the back of his jacket. When the relationship with ART finished for Filini last year he was approached by Mad Croc with the idea of seing up a new kart chassis. Filini wasted no time and designed the kart before geing former GP2 and World Series driver Ben Hanley onboard to start the R&D work.

The British driver developed the chassis in the KFJ, KF and KZ2 categories which allowed the pair to create one chassis for all classes. Previous experiences lead the duo to concentrate on making a good front to rear balance on the kart which is exactly what they’ve done. So, now into 2015 and with a factory team in place to compete in the 60 mini, KFJ, KF and KZ2 classes in both the CIK and WSK championships, the factory then set about finding dealers all around the world. Thankfully for us Simon Parker and Dan Stilp (PPR) took up the role of becoming the UK importers and have had immediate success. The kart has been tested in the X30 and Rotax classes and has been successful in both with the team now forming a strong force to compete in the X30 Tour.

The factory team had it’s first meeting at the Lonato Winter
Cup (22nd Feb) and had a fantastic debut by anyone’s standard. The team finished in the top 10 in all four classes with the best result being in the most competitive
KF Junior class (83 drivers) with Paavo Tonteri finishing on the podium. Coming up next month we look more in depth into the chassis with the help of Armando Filini himself and we hear about Ben Hanley’s journey with Mad Croc from the first test to the first race. Meanwhile, if you’d like to arrange a test in a Mad Croc kart, then call Dan Stilp on 07753 819511.