MSA Bambinos under way!

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An exciting new era dawned at Buckmore Park on 17th January as the circuit played host to the first ever MSA approved Bambino owner/driver event.

Nine drivers lined up for this first event, which was run against the clock as these 6and 7 year olds are not actually allowed to race each other according to MSA rules.

The idea was that a target time was set and each driver would be given two timed runs of 6 laps around the 300m Club Circuit. The two times were then added together and if the total was within 5% of the target time the driver would be awarded a Gold Certificate, while a time between 5 and 15% resulted in a Silver award and within 15 and 25% meant Bronze instead.

The drivers were given a couple of practice sessions first and were timed over these as well. This meant that the organisers were able to split the nine into 2 groups, whereby the apparently fastest 5 would be in the first heat and the other four followed in the second heat. The drivers were set off individually at 4sec intervals and all timed . Overtaking was obviously likely to be part of the event and at this event they can overtake either side, whereas at the Bambino Junior Club that the circuit runs they can only overtake on one side.

Despite the track being wet from heavy rain the previous day and night and these karts only being equipped with slick tyres, the drivers all coped extremely well. The track did gradually dry throughout the day, but was never really dry enough for slicks amongst the racers in the other MSA sprint classes present that day.

At the end of the day, the certificates were awarded at the trophy presentations for all the other races.

There were 3 Gold winners – Sean Butcher, Connor McCarthy and Albert Carter.

Silver awards went to George Price, Jean Sammut and Oliver Smith, while Jackson Apps, Luke Barham and Bradley Thomas all received Bronze.

Connor McCarthy was one of three drivers to pick up a Gold award
Oliver Smith and Bradley Thomas