Praga karts have a new UK Importer

KartPartsUK have an enviable reputation as a knowledgable and good value trackside and online shop, and now they are importing karts for the first time – the Praga and OK1.

The most obvious question in the present era is what advantage can be gained over OTK? “The factory are very flexible and they will make me anything I want, any slight issues can be sorted out. The proof is that everyone who has tested one has bought one,” Danny Andrew of KPUK says.

Danny raced himself for 16 years, retiring two years ago, and is now spending more time on the Lincolnshire-based family business KartPartsUK.

Danny won’t be running drivers himself this season although his own team is in prospect for the end of the year, but he’s at a track nearly every day anyway so he knows exactly what’s going on. Several other teams have already bought karts.

The Andrew family have been running KartPartsUK for over eight years, which they originally started when Danny was racing and they saw an opportunity for a trackside trader who didn’t jack up their prices as soon as they had a captive audience! Danny says “the main people are family, whenever you phone up you’ll always talk to one of us. Over time it’s taken off and we’ve grown every year.” They can be found at tracks all over the north and Midlands, including Shenington, Wombwell and Whilton Mill.

They have been agents for other manufacturers over the years but Praga is the first kart they have been importers for. The opportunity arose when the previous importer, Steve Russell, wanted to concentrate more on his son George’s single-seater career.

The main kart to be sold in the UK is the Dragon Evo, which retails for £1950 plus VAT. Danny says “we’ve found that it’s the best for the conditions and the tyres that we have in the UK. We will stock the others but expect to sell ten times more Dragon Evos.”

The Praga Dark is also on sale – this is a budget kart with some slightly older components and it isn’t homologated so it can be sold for £1200 plus VAT.

KPUK are also the importers for Praga’s OK1 brand, but they are looking for a main agent to take it on, ideally an established team.