Rotax Regional Championships

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The new season is upon us and for the first time there will be Rotax Regional Championships taking place at a Club near you. There are five regions in total covering all the main catchment areas of the UK Mainland. The Scoish and Cumbrian will be based around Larkhall and Rowrah. The Northern will be Fulbeck, Wombwell, Wigan
and Hooton Park. The Midlands is represented by Kimbolton, Shenington, Whilton Mill and Little Rissington. The South West includes Llandow, Dunkeswell, Clay pigeon and Forest Edge and last but not least the South East is hosted by Bayford Meadows, Buckmore Park, Hoddesdon and Blackbushe. The idea is that drivers must belong to a club in their local area and aend a designated race meeting at each of their area clubs.

The participating Clubs in each area have been chosen
to avoid any clashes. Each regional Championship will only have a maximum of four events. At the end of the series there
will be a regional Champion for each and no national level travel required. The hope is that this
will encourage drivers to sample other tracks relatively local to their homes, thereby cuing the cost of good quality and varied racing to a minimum. School age children are encouraged not to attend Friday practice during term time and will be offered a good share of the Practice time on the Saturday. It’s hoped that participating clubs will add a sense of occasion to their Regional Championship weekends by offering a BBQ or Hog roast on the Saturday night.

All the Rotax classes will have
the opportunity to compete; Minimax, Junior Max, Senior Max, Senior Max 177 and Max Masters. It will be necessary to register for the Championships but there will be no fee. Dates
will be published in the very near future, most clubs have already committed to a date. The Club meetings will be run exactly as normal when hosting a regional round, their only responsibility is to submit their race results to JAG Engineering aer each event. JAG will then collate the points using a common system across the board to ensure equality and fair play. The host Clubs officials will not need to change their role in any way. It is hoped that this new initiative will help to nurture entries at some of the less well supported clubs and support the new growth in Club level racing. Rumor still persists regarding the introduction of the Rotax EVO engines. This will not happen until January 2016 at the earliest. No EVO components will be eligible for use during 2015.

Decisions have yet to be made for the British and Irish markets, we are fortunate indeed that there will be EVO usage in Europe this year, which will give us the opportunity to learn from that experience and keep existing engines competitive and valuable.