Should all classes in Super One change?


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Question: Should all classes in Super One go to a two day format?

With the TKM classes now booming once again we want to know if you think other classes should follow suit in going back to a two day event.

The change in format for TKM classes this year includes a reduction to six rounds, just two days racing at each event other than the final round.

It reduces the time away at events and makes for a shorter and more action packed weekend with lower costs all round.

Should Super One consider getting other classes to follow suit? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter what you think!

On the huge TKM entries Super One boss John Hoyle said: “We are amazed at the response and pleased to be able to mould our events to the drivers’ wishes. We will do everything we can to accommodate the high numbers and give them great weekends.”

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John Hoyle