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Some of the F100’s you should look out for this year and the story of how they were restored…

Aaron Stroud

I run a 1999 Zip Bullet with a Choice tuned Rotax Dse.

I bought my chassis for £40 from a friend who had it in his shed, I built it up using some acquired parts from Dartford Karting and sourcing a few parts from Zip. I run a 50mm axle and in total I spent about £300

My engine came from Germany and I paid £240 for it, once I gave it to the main man Wayne (choice engines) to sort out I’m now winning on it.

Now my kit won’t be the prettiest or the best looking BUT I’m running at the front and winning races on kit that’s cost me about £700 (not with standing rebuild costs)



Dan Street

1998 Tony Kart Extreme. Imported from Spain the front tube was barely touched when I bought it. It has had a full but and bolt restoration, chassis jigged by Adrian at BRT. Powered by the triplets, three IAME Sirios.



Elliot Taylor

Tech Information:

1999 Fullerton Lion Chassis

Rotax DSE SWRD Built

Rotax DSE 100cc Kart Tuning Italy Built

Original Fullerton Brake System

110mm Straight Stepped Exhaust

Original 17mm Stub Axles


A few years ago I used to work at a well known indoor kart track called The Raceway which used to host the Johnny Herbert Karting Challenge charity event at its Kings Cross circuit in London. One of the highlights of the event was both having a twin engined JICA kart with 92 sprockets being driven around an indoor circuit by one of the star drivers and having the Fullerton Lion (JICA Engine also) used as a pace kart to start the race. Unfortunately, the Raceway closed shop at its final Docklands circuit and I was lucky enough to be able to take the Fullerton. Up until last year it had been sat in my garage gathering dust until I sold it to Chris Trott. A few months later I plucked up the courage to enter F100 so as a long shot I decided to give Chris an email to see if he would sell it back to me and luckily he did! Unfortunately, it only seen a couple races last year due to work commitments as I work with an F3 team and the race calendar clashes with almost all the F100 rounds but I’m hoping to be out more.



Lee Crampton

I have this 1999 Haase pulsar completely restored and running with Rotax DSD and Merlin RSV98. Not got any background information on the kart as of yet but it’s believed to be owned by previous South West Champion. Bought as bare chassis last year and rebuilt with new/original parts

I paid £40 for the chassis and have rebuilt to this state on a massive budget compared to some of the other guys on the grid! Under £1000 including both motors if say about £900 roughly

The graphics are what was used by team Haase but they only made them in black but as I’ve got blue pods I had these custom made, I also have a brand new 90’s team Haase race suit that I tracked down from Haase factory



Michael Headington

Both my brother Lewis and I got back into Karting due to F100 and this is the first rime we’ve raced each other. He races on Kart 444 which is a Tony Extreme with a Mag 95 motor. My kart is a Tecno H10, in its wearing a Mag 95 and an Ital system that I managed to seize in practice for the World Championships at Lydd, which incidentally was our first race back in 25 years.

We picked up both outfits from a competitor in F100 who was leaving the series. I’ve got a full sticker kit made up ready from the days when Jenson Button raced for the Astra team in Super one and I’ll put that on the kart for next season.

The entire kart is essentially original. I ran the first few sessions with old style sub axles but found there was no rear grip exiting the corners. As the kart doesn’t have additional seat stays I needed to fit some modern front hubs to widen the front track which made the rear grip. I’m going to add a couple of additional seat stays before next season. The axle is 40mm with extended hubs.




Neil Mckernan

1996 Tony Kart Esprit

Engine – Vortex VR98 probably used by someone like David Fore – Belt drive Front rotary Ital sistem SV21 used by Max Orsini or Giuseppe Palmieri.

The kart was a special kart made by Tony Kart just for Suzuka because it’s anti clockwise, would have been used by one of their factory drivers, most likely Formula Super A class.

I found the kart in the old Tony Kart Factory where I used to work, it was in the loft and was in a really terrible condition. There was a lot of parts missing and what was on the kart was all rusted over. It had probably been in there for around 20 years so you can imagine the kind of condition it would have been in there.

To restore it the first thing I had to do was get all the rust off and I probably spent 2 hours on each part to get it up to the standard I wanted it, which was brand new! From there I then had to find parts and this took some time. I found myself buying parts from all over the World and I met some interesting people along the way, one being Glenn Davidson. Glenn lives in Australia and is a legend in Kart restoration. He did all the sticker kits for me and finding a front bumper took a month!

I then got the whole chassis re-painted at the same place as Tony Kart Factory, CRG etc and I’m really pleased with how the kart came out, it looks fantastic! The whole thing took around 3-5 months to restore fully and cost around £1500-£2000 In total, but it was worth every penny! I raced the Tonykart at the 2015 F100 ‘0’ plate at Three Sisters and have also tested regularly at the Lonato Circuit in Italy as I live just round the corner in Lake Garda

Getting the kart to Wigan was a pain as you can imagine and I actually drove it over in a Sprinter van on my own which was a brutal 17 hours! But it was definitely worth it for the weekend I had also meeting some old friends from back in the days when I raced 100cc

I had also sent the CRG over with a haulage before which took two days and I got my brother to pick it up at a services in England for me and I flew over for the race.

Tony Kart After

1997/8 CRG Charlotte

Engine – Iame Parilla – Front rotary Ital Sistem SV21 – CRG SS97

The CRG chassis was given to me by the owner of CRG as it had been sitting around in their factory for 15 years. It wasn’t in terrible condition when I got it just a bit of rust, so it didn’t take me long to restore the frame and parts.

What helped massively was that it had all the parts still with it so there was no need to go searching for them online. I just got a sticker kit made up from my mate Glenn in Austraila, which took 3 weeks and I was away. Me and a friend Jordon Lennox-Lamb then started driving our CRG’s together in Lonato and gathering some interest from other drivers of modern age karting having a go, Even the CRG owner popped over for a look. That one cost me just few hundred restore

I used the CRG in the first two races of the 2105 F100 Championship at Hooton Park and Fulbeck and it was great! I even found an original suit for £50.

This whole journey has now led me to start restoring karts for other people. Former World Champion Colin Brown and his brother James Brown have both been interested in my progress so now I’m in starting a replica of Colin’s 2000 World championship winning kart. I also did one for my 20 year old Brother and two of his mates who now also race in F100. I also have other people coming into F100 asking for a restoration.

If I’m honest I don’t know which one I like doing more, restoration or driving. With restoring it you can watch and walk round it with a beer in your hand possibly losing an hour or two, and a smile on your face, it’s great fun!

The whole F100 Championship is really amazing! It’s put me back in a seat and back in contact with people I raced 15 years ago, even getting to race some people I never got the chance to race 1st time round. The whole weekend is really enjoyable and is always worth the trip over from Italy!



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This article was originally published in Karting Magazine in November 2015


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