Karting UK Stats: State of the Nation

We take our most detailed look at the current state of karting in the UK. From entry numbers, to the popular clubs, what chassis drivers are using, X30 vs. Rotax and a quick look at Europe too. Mary-Ann Horley crunches the numbers.

Top 10 meetings in April

We looked at club entries in the Rotax, X30 and TKM, Super One and the O Plate and the top ten race meetings of the month are shown here.

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2014 vs 2015

We added up the entries at all the events on the same weekend and looked at whether there was an increase or a decrease year on year. The number of drivers racing in April 2015 on each weekend was down an average of 2.5%. When we looked at the figures for just Rotax and TKM, the decline was just over 25%. This means that a lot of drivers have probably moved over to X30, but not all of them.

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Chassis market share (below)

Looking at the biggest races of the year for both X30 and Rotax, Tonykart was the most popular manufacturer in both classes, but with only a third of the X30 grid and 75% of the Rotax grid.

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Just how dominant? (Below)

If all of the OTK karts were added together (Tony, Kosmic, Alonso and Exprit), they make up almost half the X30 grid but 93% of the Rotax grid.


Where’s your chassis made? (below)

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of chassis are manufactured in Italy by Italian-owned companies, but there were eight British manufacturers (Gillard, Wright, GMS, One, Mectech, Jade, Octane and Fullerton) represented at these national rounds, one German (Mach 1), one Czech (MS) and one Belgian (Flandria).



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