Straight talking – KKC’s new jig

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Three months ago the KKC Kart Shop invested in a new jig which could be the savior of many people’s race weekends.

So what makes this new jig so good? It’s a state-of-the-art jig which will show up problems that many older jigs wouldn’t be able to find. The karts are put on the jig by fi?ing in at the back using the axle and then resting across the two metal stops at the middle and front. Once your chassis is in the jig, KKC will look at the kart to check it sits flat. Next they’ll check the steering to see if that’s moved at all and finally they’ll move onto the corners, where they measure each height in millimeters.

Whilst there, I was shown exactly what the guys will do when fixing a kart and my first impressions were that it was very efficient and chassis friendly. I’ve seen many different ways of straightening chassis over the years and I would have absolutely no doubts or worries handing my kart over to the KKC staff to fix. They have various bars which will slide into or between tubing and will then be gently nudged into whatever direction it needs to go.

Currently the jig will accept all karts except Bambino chassis, although KKC are currently working on
a solution for this. The quickest fix is the steering which could be done between heats and costs between £25 and £30. However a chassis not si?ing flat would be around £75 and a further £50 for any extra hour a?er that.

You couldn’t have it in a much be?er location; it’s on site at one of the UK’s most popular circuits, Whilton Mill and the KKC team have already worked on 25 karts over three race meetings. The jig will no doubt prove hugely useful and represents value for money, especially for anyone who would otherwise have to abandon their race weekend. Thank you KKC!

You can contact the shop on 01327 844 320 or email them at