Street Kart: The most competitive racing game on iOS

Street Kart is the most competitive, authentic racing game on mobile.

Designed to bring out your most competitive instincts – it is 80mph, an inch from the ground racing.

And you feel it.

It is ambitious. Everything is in Real Time.

Championships. Racing. Weather. Rivals moving ahead of you.

If you’re sleeping you’re losing ground in the title race. The race for promotion. The race to win.

Like Real Karting

Street Kart is like real life karting. Close in ability karts, close in ability drivers, but unlike real life, SK has the ability to host millions of players. So if you win in SK, you know exactly how good you are.

This is not level up to win. This is set your kart up to adapt to the conditions, learn and progress.


Street Kart will be Free-To-Play and based on a freemium model.

Public Beta

Public Beta will contain 7,000 people from around the world, and we will then Soft Launch the game shortly afterwards in 2 or 3 territories. Public Beta will go live in early 2018.

Interested in joining the public beta you can sign up at


About Street Kart and Closed Beta

Street Kart has been over 5 years in development by Fat Cigar Productions Ltd, a small UK based independent developer. Our closed beta testing has taken 2 years and we’ve worked with nearly 1,000 kart racers to get the game to feel authentic, and as close to real life as possible.

The Big Idea

The idea was born by two friends, Duncan Abbott and Ross Jones who wanted to create a truly special racing game that gave huge thrills and joy as you played, disappointment when you lost, but was massively competitive so when you’re playing your friends, all you want to do is to overtake them in the race heat, race meet or in the championship.

No Assists. Easy to get in to, but hard to master.

Just Pure, Competitive, Real Racing. And it is our first game. Ever.


“Street Kart is the first mobile Karting game that you feel is built by Karters for Karters.”

Tom Joyner, World Kart Champion 2013

Kart Republic Factory Driver

Street Kart Brand Ambassador and Beta Tester

Tom Joyner in OK – 2016

“There’s no other game like it. So competitive, so real. It’s more than just a game.

As close to the real thing as you’re going to get.”

Marijn Kremers, 2nd Las Vegas Supernats 2017

BirelART Factory Driver

Street Kart Brand Ambassador and Beta Tester

“It is the closest game I have played to the real thing, the physics are amazing. It is so good how you are able to race online players and move up in the rankings and move up classes. It gives you a big adrenaline rush when you win.”

Adam Smalley, Rotax Winter Cup Champion 2016

“Finally a sim that pays homage to the purest form of Motorsport.”

Connor Wagner, Las Vegas Supernats Winner 2013

Street Kart Beta Tester

The Game

Street Kart allows you to go in to 6 player head to head races with your friends or racers around the world. You move up and down leagues based on where you finish in heats and Race Meets.

4 Tiers – Starting at 50mph

  • Cadet (50mph) – where all the greats started, Hamilton, Alonso, Rosberg, Schumacher, Button, Vettel et al.
  • TKM class with BT82 Engines
  • IAME X30 (70mph)
  • Pro1 (equivalent to OK class), which top out an inch from the ground at around 80mph.

Weekly Championships

Championships are held in real time and last a week. Your goal is to beat everyone else at your level to win the title – starting with beating your friends in your own private league of rivals.

Once live around the world National, Continental and World Champions will also be crowned, based on knockout style tournaments.


Street Kart is designed to be the most social game possible. You’ll want push notifications switched on. Here’s why:

  • Log in with Facebook and at the touch of a button, all your facebook friends can be added as rivals.
  • You can push notify your friends to race through 1 tap
  • You are notified when they progress or move ahead of you in the championship via push notifications

Real Time Weather and Night Racing

Weather impacts massively on your decisions in Street Kart. Since the weather can change from moment to moment based on what is actually happening, you must decide when to race, and how to set the best times.

Sunsets and Sunrises. In real time from the actual track location.

Night Racing under lights is normal.

Weather impacts on your choice of tyre, your tyre pressures, the air density through the engine, whether to have a radiator blind or not, and how rich or lean to run the engine. If you want to get that into it.

Kart Set Up

Adjust numerous elements of the kart:

  • Tyre Pressures
  • Radiators and Radiator Blinds
  • Exhausts
  • Fuel
  • Engines
  • Seats
  • Brakes
  • Overall adjustments to kart set up can also be made for the more advanced racers


Street Kart features some real life tracks including the Supernats Track in Las Vegas. We’ll be adding more real life tracks as we go and already have agreements to include a number in the game.

Currently countries represented in the game include Italy, UK, Brazil, USA, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Philippines, UAE.


You can undertake missions to unlock new helmets, gloves, suits and boots. Sometimes these will be standard ‘beat this time’ challenges. Other times, this will be beat a real life kart racer with a Verified Account in the game.


Players can win Sponsorship with major brands in the game. Do well in race meets, have great form, and soon you’ll have sponsors clamoring to help you progress the ranks.

Kart and Engines Brands

Our kart and engine brands include CRG, Chiesa Corse/Kart Republic, Top Kart, Arrow, Monaco, TKM, Parolin, ZiP Kart, Gillard, AF Radiator and many more. Tyres are supplied by Maxxis, Bridgestone, MG Tires and LeCont. Race suits from brands including Alpinestars.

Practice Mode

There are daily practice sessions to tweak your kart, and try different set ups. The further into the game you go, the more these will matter to you.

Verified Accounts

Players can follow well known racers and celebrities in the game. Real life racers can apply for a verified account, and grow a following. Followers are more likely to get missions from VAs and have the opportunity to level up their progress.

Verified Account holders and ALL players can build a following in the game. Fans can search via username, so if you have a YouTube channel you can build a following, and notify (should they wish) you fans that you’re online now and racing.


The Street Kart Community has been built over several years. Real Racers helmets can be unlocked in the game, including that of Dexter Patterson (Current OKJ World Champion) and 2013 World Champion, Tom Joyner.


Both Touch and Tilt Controls will be available.

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