Super One 2015 Review – Part 1

Iame Cadet – Dexter Patterson

‘Patterson’s roller coaster season’

For the first time that I can remember this was a championship not just decided on the track, but in
the court room! The story starts at Round five of the Championship, Larkhall. Until this point it had been very much a two horse race between Jonny Edgar and Dexter Patt?erson. Coming into the weekend on overall scores it was 2-1 to Dexter and when he went unbeaten on his home circuit some might have argued that was the championship done. However, a?er Final 2 Dexter was excluded from both finals for a fuel irregularity. This seemed very strange coming from the AIM Team and they, unsurprisingly, appealed straight away. So at the next round, Shenington, Dexter was racing under appeal and Jonny felt no need to beat him and pushed him round all weekend. However shortly aft?er the news came through that Dexter had won the appeal and those points being reinstated meant he had won the championship before the last round. Perhaps slightly harsh on Jonny, but I don’t think anyone could argue that Dexter Pa?tterson and the Aim Motorsport Team were not deserved champions!

Special Mention – Lorcan Hanafin

Lorcan Hanafin had not really been a name that I had become familiar with until this season. He came out of nowhere to finish 7th in the championship, being one of two drivers in the top 10 not in the Fusion or Aim squad. Ollie Walker Racing, take a bow!

Trent Valley KC Club Championship