Super One 2015 Review – Part 2

Honda Cadet – Oliver Clarke

‘Rising Stars’

With the top four from last years’ championship all moving on to bigger classes, Honda Cadet was arguably one of the most wide open classes in Super One. Clarke, Bearman, Thompson, Samra, and Pinsent would have been a handful of names you’d expect to be at the front but who would take the title? Alex Lloyd made the best start of anyone but as bad luck hit him on more than one occasion it was Oliver Clarke and Harry Thompson that started to emerge as the two clear favourites. Clarke took wins at Llandow and Whilton Mill with further podiums at Larkhall, whilst Thompson took podiums at Llandow, Larkhall and Rissington. Going into the last round just two points separated the two with Clarke leading. Thompson didn’t do himself any favours with an average set of heats and aft?er he was beaten by Clarke in both finals he lost the championship to the BRK driver by 25 points.

Special Mention – Guy Cunnington

Aft?er finishing 25th in last years championship, Guy Cunnington would have probably settled for a top 10 at most this year. But his switch to the BRK Factory Team brought him on leaps and bounds and he surprised prett?y much everyone with his impressive 3rd place overall. Good job!

Super One Rotax Series