Super One 2015 Review – Part 5

Junior Max – Jack McCarthy

‘Another title for McCarthy’

Perhaps the most competitive class this year was Junior Max with easily five or six drivers strong championship contenders. MacDonald, McCarthy, Gamble, Fulk, Thomas and Skelton would certainly be amongst those names and boy did the championship deliver! We had five different winners (McCarthy, Gamble, Hoggard, MacDonald, Thomas) from seven rounds with plenty of ups and downs for each driver. However, when you can minimise the down moments your usually on for a good result and that’s exactly what eventual champion Jack McCarthy did! He had a round to forget at Rissington but he could drop that no problem and his lead was so big going into PF that a score of 156 compared to 2nd place MacDonald’s 178 still left him with a 26 point lead! I don’t think anyone could argue with the result, McCarthy was also European Champion further proving his talent.

Special Mention – Jonathan Hoggard

Some people argued that Hoggard’s jump up to the Junior class was a year too soon but I beg to differ. He was highest out of all the graduates and wearing that number 6 next season will give him the confidence to potentially go all the way!


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