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Super One Rissington 2017 in 5 pictures

Super One Rissington 2017 in 5 pictures

If missed the second round of Super One at Rissington this weekend, don’t have time for race reports and can’t wait to see the Motors TV programme or the videos on You Tube, here’s what you need to know from the round 2  in just five images!


Chris Thomas won a ticket to the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals last year and judging by his dominant performance at the first round he is already the strong favourite to win the ticket on offer for this years 177 champion


Abbi Pulling was back on top form, winning final two by 6 seconds and walking away leading the Junior TKM Championship!


Harry Moore had an unlucky weekend, ending with him involved in an incident which broke his hand! Will he be okay for the next round, or will last years champion be dropping further down the championship table?


Joshua Mclean was the winner of both finals in the Honda Cadet Championship whilst championship favourite Oliver Bearman was excluded after being given a black flag. Who does that leave as the favourite now?


Daniel Butterworth made up 19 places in Final One! Another hard charger was Aston Millar in Honda Cadet who made up 21 places in Final Two!

Written by Bethanie Lawson

Images courtesy of Bethanie Lawson Photography


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