Super One Rowrah 2017 in 5 pictures

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In case you missed out on the first round of Super One at Rowrah 2017, have no time for race reports and can’t wait to see the Motors TV programme or the videos on You Tube, here’s what you need to know from the season opener in just five images!


Due to the weather conditions on Sunday morning, the decision was made by Tdi Media to only film final 1 incase final 2 didn't go ahead because of a lack of time caused by the late start
After all the waiting Super One was underway for 2017, but the weather was far from glamourous. On Sunday morning the track was unsuitable for racing which left drivers standing around whilst the conditions eased up. By lunch time racing eventually kicked off and TDi Media made the decision to film Final 1 races with Final 2 still an uncertainty.


Many people would say that the fastest way around Rowrah, especially in the wet would be use of the kurbs. Downside to this is you run the risk of receiving a bumper penalty, as several people found out..
Great work from all parties meant Final 2 racing did go ahead and in the challenging conditions and as we all know the fastest way around Rowrah is by using the kerbs. The downside to this was the risk of a front fairing penalty as many found out over the weekend. Especially Bradley Barrett who seemingly won the Junior Max Final 1 race from lights to flag before a front fairing penalty from hitting a kerb made otherwise.


After waiting for the weather to clear on Sunday morning and after a lot of hard work by the CKRC team the racing got underway at lunch time. By the last race of the day - Senior X30 final the track as starting to dry nicely
After a lot of hard work by the CKRC team the racing got underway at lunch time. By the last race of the day – Senior X30 final, the track was starting to dry nicely. This race was an interesting one with 5 DNFS, 10 penalties including big names such as Eliot Harvey and also 1 exclusion. Staying out of trouble was Danny Keirle who took victory


Robert Welham took the win in Junior TKM - His first Super One win in his first Super One race
In terms of results an interesting one and potential Super One first came in the shape of Robert Welham. He took an emotional win in Junior TKM Final 2 in what was his first Super One win in his first ever Super One race!


Stephen Letts made his return to Super One in TKM Extreme, winning all his heats and finals.
Finally from new drivers to returning ones. Stephen Letts is back in Super One in the TKM Extreme class and came back in style taking wins in all of his heats and finals.

Written by Bethanie Lawson

Images courtesy of Bethanie Lawson Photography


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