Tech Tuesday: 5 Toolbox Tools

So you’re running your own kart? You’ve got your own tools. Your mechanical knowledge sits between ham-fisted chimpanzee and F1 mechanic and you’re ready go to. Stop. consider these tools that, while not essential, will make your life so much easier.

Circlip removers

Circlip removers are really useful tools, especially if you plan on performing a brake master cylinder rebuild where circlips hold the piston and parts of the mechanism into place.

Rough Price: £5

Circlip remover

Exhaust spring puller

Though a big screwdriver would suffice, if you’re running in a class with high tension exhaust springs such as Rotax, one of these will make things easier and safer than using the wrong tool.

Rough Price: £5

exhaust spring pull

Tyre remover and bead break

If you’re changing your own tyres, a bead breaker is a must. Good luck getting your tyres off without one, a remover tool however is helpful but not essential as with enough experience and tekkers you will be able to remove tyres with only your hands.

Rough Price: £25

Bead breaker

Wheel gun

 Yes, you can use a ratchet. But when the track is drying up fast and there’s only 1 minute till you’re on the dummy grid, having one of these will make the difference when a quick tyre change is needed.

Rough Price: £100

wheel gun

Steering Lock

When you’re making fine adjustments to castor and toe angles, you really don’t want the steering wheel to move, these jam the steering column into place so you can keep your measurements accurate, just remember to remove it before you go on track though.

Rough Price: £35

Steering wheel lock

This article was originally published in Karting magazine in May 2015 and was written by Michael Killingworth


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