Be one step ahead of the competition with the TKM Carburettor Carry Case!

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It is known that many kart racers will keep their carburettors in plastic bags, tupperware boxes and in the top of tools chests. Not only could this lead to irreversible damage, but the carburettor will be susceptible to the ingestion on dust and dirt leading to a loss of on track performance, numerous carburettor rebuilds, additional cost to the racing weekend along with frustrating results; the TKM carburettor case can solve all of those issues!

Weighing just 0.6Kg (1.7Kg when full) and having a compact size it is the perfect addition to your racing equipment. This robust, ergonomic and protective carry case is made from durable plastic with a tough, hard-wearing and light foam insert that is resistant to high temperatures and both oil and petrol residue. The foam insert has been designed by engineering professionals with the input from a wide audience of TKM kart racers, this has allowed for the creation of a product perfectly suited for the TKM carburettor and ancillaries.

The case stores the following:

Item Quantity Size (mm) 337 (L), 290 (W), 84 (H)
TKM Airbox Flange x1
TKM Round Gasket x20 +
TKM Carburettors x3
TKM Oval Gasket x25 +
TKM Spacer Block x1
TKM Restrictor x4
TKM Fixing Bolts x2 +
Pressure Tester x1
Carburettor Repair Kits x2 +

Key features of the case include:

  • Environmentally neutral and durable polypropylene injection moulded case
  • Features a carry handle and twin independent locking catches
  • Strong moulded hinge allows for the case to open 180 degrees
  • Protection and prolongation of your carburettors performance
  • The foam insert allows for safety, security and protection against any irreversible damage
  • Removes the storage of carburettors in dirty and potentially damaging environments
  • Uses a tough, hard-wearing, durable foam insert that has great thermal resistive properties and is also resistant to oil and petrol residue
  • Optimises the preparation of carburettors removing the chances of those poor race results
  • One stop case for your carburettor and all the ancillaries needed to race

Don’t let your race winning equipment be neglected, it can take ages to find those extra tenths of a second in motorsport. Buy a Race Tech Case today and purchase that piece of mind that your racing equipment is always in fantastic condition.

Thoughts from the Editor

They say sometimes the simplest ideas are the best and I think that’s what the carburettor case is. It’s something I’d never I thought I’d need to buy or indeed make but when it’s presented and explained to you all of a sudden it seems essential. For many drivers, mechanics, teams out there I’m sure it’s already something you may have seen kicking around at a track and the man behind it all is Will Thomas. A former racer and now mechanic at TWM, Will is someone I’ve known for many years and when he presented this to me I just had to show it to the karting community.

As well as being a simple idea there has clearly been a lot of thought put into it. Will has clearly recognised what would need to go into the case and how many of each item would need to be included to make it a product worth wile. As well as that, and perhaps most importantly, he has made sure that everything will always stay in fantastic condition and therefore proving the product does it’s job properly.

All classes being catered for

The project has moved forward drastically from just covering TKM to now covering all classes. Cases for the rest of the classes will be out shortly but at this moment in time available for sale mainly caters for TKM.


It hasn’t been made overnight, the product has been a few months in the making and Will is now ready to put it on sale. If you like what you see, or want to find out more, then click the link below to check out the RaceTechCases website!

Click here now to visit the Race Tech Case website


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