From Tech Talk to Track Testing

After many issues with all there was to say about theory and practical tips on kart chassis and engines, we are now starting a new Era with practical track testing on the grid from next month. The new column, “Track Testing”, will put together brief descriptions of how to work on set up and maintenance of chassis and engine, and will then apply them on track. Sensations, lap timing, engine performance, tire temperature and wear, chassis setup, engine carburetion, driving techniques, will all be first explained and them tested in real time.

Partners: Vortex Rok and Tony Kart

A Vortex Rok powered Tonykart will be used for our track testing

To start in the most professional way we have asked a great kart company to be our partner for this new column. So Tony Kart was chosen and accepted the offer, together with Vortex, to be our partner and guide with Tony chassis and Rok engine. We will be collecting a brand new Rok Cup before next issue and will start describing the kart that will be with us in our future track testing along 2010. We have chosen a solution with Rok kart that puts together reliability and performance and is surely one of the best ways to enter karting World. We will once in a while also test new chassis and engines of other brands and categories that are particularly innovative and relevant to the market. Also we will try to evaluate other kart and engines of specific marque trophies.


From next month we will try to go through all the steps needed to buy a kart (a Rok in this specific situation), evaluate costs, basic setup options, such as seat adjustment and positioning, carburetion, tire pressure, running in of the engine and tires, and progressively follow all steps needed to understand a kart in all its parts and settings. You will each month have the opportunity to find out, understand and possibly test solutions on your kart just as we will on track. Just read us and you will see.

We will start with a visit to Tony Kart company and presentation of Tony chassis and Vortex Rok engine, with detailed description of both elements, just to be ready with the right information to start our “trip” together.

Mainly the idea is to start from basic setup and start making changes to some parameters of chassis and engine to really feel the difference both in driving sensations and performance lap times). We will go through all possible parameter changes and will verify all solutions for different track conditions, track conformation and temperature weather consitions.

Monthly discussion

Questions from you, your sensations and opinions will surely be read and replied to each month. We will be able to exchange thoughts and impressions to grow our experience and become more and more competitive on our karts. It is true in fact that even though setup and regulations have very specific and scientific solutions and explanations, often a change for example of track and tire conditions can generate different results in setup adjustments. Moreover even different driving techniques and characteristics may generate different setup needs for best performance. So discussions and different opinions will be much appreciated and eventually published on Karting Magazine.


We will be testing on different tracks in Italy, taking good advantage of the great Italian weather, and will test monthly new setups, adjustments, driving techniques, engines performance. We will most of the time test on tracks in the centre of Italy, for logistic simplicity, but will also once in a while move to the most important tracks in Italy, where main International races take place, such as Parma, Lonato, Sarno and Jesolo. Using though same track for more testing will give us the opportunity to test on the same asphalt and conditions and make correct comparison tests.