Tech Tuesday: Top 5 Setup Tools

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As you probably know, set up is a crucial part to the whole driver/kart package. If it’s out then you can expect to be off the pace. This is why you want the whole job of setting up your kart to be quicker, easier and more convenient. Here are five tools which do just that.

Iztech Chassis Alignment Brackets

These chassis brackets from Iztech are used to check the squareness of your chassis frame when a jig is not available. This is because kart chassis’ are prone to bend after a while due to taking kerbs or being involved in accidents. The brackets are universal fitting and work by hanging them under the kart to check for alignment by hanging axles underneath.



R3 Magtronic Laser Alignment system

The R3 lasers fit to the stub axles of your kart using strong magnets to stay in place.  Then, using the spirit level on top make sure that the lasers are level before making any precise toe and castor adjustments. This way you can be sure that all the front geometry set up is accurate to the millimetre.



Alto Kart Chain Aligner

Aligning a sprocket properly can be a pain. If it’s out you will just chew up a sprocket and likely lose a chain along the way. But this chain aligner from Alto is a cost effective and easy way to accurately align your chain to minimise wear and increase reliability, it’s also much cheaper than laser variants.



Crankshaft locking tool

This tool simply slides onto the engine and locks the crankshaft and clutch assembly on clutched engines in place so that the nut can be undone. These are often a little different depending on the engine you have so it’s best checking beforehand.



Castor and rear bumper tool (OTK)

This tool from Alto helps you alter the castor easily on OTK’s multi hole system as well as fitting the OTK rear bumper bolt collar which can save time in changing front end geometry setup and bumper changes should the bolt break or bend.


R3 mag


This article was published in Karting magazine in October 2015 and was written by Michael Killingworth


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