Tech Tuesday: Winter and a balance of Brakes

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Brake products can be very expensive, especially if you’re buying genuine branded products. Motorsport can be expensive and budgeting can be right in winter season. It might be worthwhile for you to investigate and switch things up then, improving the brake inefficiencies to try and find ‘the pace’ Good braking techniques can help you win races, you don’t have to have the fastest machine out braking your fellow competitors.

In the cold and wintery conditions, metal takes longer reacting to heat, by logic having a soft or a medium pad compound will react quicker to friction upon the disc, reaching operating temperature easier than a hard brake material..

Also, look at the weight of the brake disk and its performance as a lighter disc will react to friction from the pad material which in turn raise the temperature far quicker than a heavy brake disc, in a similar way that a hard pad material will require more time to react to friction / heat than a softer compound. The Combination of pad material and disk compositions for your best performance so choose intelligently. If in doubt about what components to use you can always ask the brake manufacturer or their agents / distributors.

Written by Dr Vic Eacott – Director of Motorsport Development