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Tim Wilson Motorsport win early Super One rounds

Tim Wilson Motorsport win early Super One rounds

It’s been a good start to the Super One Series season for Tim Wilson Motorsport (TWM) who have taken wins at both Rowrah (Round 1) and Rissington (Round 2) in the Junior and Senior TKM classes.

The team have established themselves as the fastest growing team in TKM in recent months and have got off to a flyer in this year’s extremely competitive MSA Junior and Senior TKM National Championships.

Edward Gamble

Theo Hesketh wins at Rowrah

Theo Hesketh was the driver to kick things off after winning the opening round at Rowrah in Junior TKM. The rookie took a 2nd and 1st in the heats to put himself on pole position for the first and televised final. In the tricky conditions despite challenges from James Pashley and Ross Deal he went on to win by almost 0.8 seconds.

Hesketh was off to a good start in final two, but came off track on lap four and dropped to 10th. It was disappointing for Hesketh, but his recovery to 8th place still saw him win the round and leave as the championship leader. It’s rare to see a rookie take a win at the opening round, but Theo is proving that he could already be more than just a contender for the rookie title!

Watch Final One below as televised on Motorsport TV

At round two Hesketh still had blistering pace to show it was no fluke as he took fastest laps in both finals. After a mixed set of heats Theo had worked his way through to 7th in final one taking the fastest lap, but a front fairing penalty dropped him to 14th place. Clearly even more determined in final two Hesketh was back on a mission as he was yet again fastest working his way through to 3rd this time!

Theo now sits 6th in the championship as the lead rookie with five rounds to go.

Matthew Allnutt wins at Rissington

After a hugely disappointing opening weekend at Rowrah, probably what Matt will use as a dropped round, he was out to repair the damage caused at Rissington and couldn’t have done a much better job!

One average heat meant Matt started 11th for final one, but his 2nd in heat one was repeated as he came through to take 2nd place just 0.34 seconds off the eventual race winner.

The second final and televised race saw a hugely close race in which Matt went on to win a nail biting final. Considering Matt was sitting 31st in the championship after round one it was a huge turn around and a crucial one in that too. A championship table hasn’t yet been released, but Matt will have moved forward substantially and it’s still early days!

TWM Juniors

Joining Theo Hesketh in the Junior TKM class for TWM is Alexander Page, Isaac Marsh and Connor Kearney.

Alex Page has been a big improver over the season so far. At round one he was unfortunate to have his 5th place taken away from him in final one with a 10 second penalty dropping him to 11th. It was a race that saw Alex also take the fastest lap. Clearly starting further back proved more costly with Alex not finishing final two. However, round two saw Alex show what he can really do with a 7th and 6th in both finals seeing move into the top ten in the championship.

Connor Kearney turned around a disappointing round one at Rissington as he finished inside the top 15 in final two to take away healthy points which now sees him 20th in the championship. Considering Connor was 28th overall after round one to finish round two 13th overall was impressive!

Isaac Marsh has not had the start he would have hoped for. He’s been getting caught up in other people’s incidents and hasn’t quite been able to put a weekend together he’d be happy with just yet. But he’s learning a huge amount and could be one to watch come the last few rounds!

Andrew Lawrence 11th overall at Rissington in TKM Extreme

Andrew Lawrence has put in some impressive performances so far this season. At round one he was up 17 places in final one to finish 14th place and followed that up with 15th in final two! At round two Andrew was quicker than the race winner in both finals, but in what is a super competitive field it’s hard to make the progress he did at round one in the dry conditions. But a 15th and 14th with 11th overall is a result he’ll take. He certainly has the pace!

Will Van Es returns to TWM as Driver Coach

Former British Champion Will Van Es is just one part of success story of TWM. Will has returned to the team not to continue his racing but to help coach the drivers and who better to help? Will won the TKM Extreme British Championship back in 2013 and was 3rd in Junior TKM three years earlier. He also won Kartmasters in Junior TKM in 2010. He’s been part of TWM as a driver and now returns to coach!

Will racing in 2012

1 place left with TWM

There is one permanent space left with the TWM team in Junior TKM or TKM Extreme and judging by the team’s results so far it’s surely something worth considering. The team have already won in the series beating the likes of Litchfield, Jade Karts, Flex and Tal-ko themselves! To be part of the Super One winning team contact Team Manager, Tim Wilson, at timwilsonmotorsport@hotmail.co.uk or on Facebook at TWMotorsport

Matt Allnutt being interviewed by Alan Taddei

Guest drive with TWM

There is also the chance for TWM like Tony Cazuguel and Edward Gamble have done so far, both guesting at Rissington. Tony finished 18th overall with Ed having an impressive first final which saw him gain 15 places to finish 17th.

To enquire about guesting with the team yourself contact Team Manager, Tim Wilson, at timwilsonmotorsport@hotmail.co.uk or on Facebook at TWMotorsport

Tony Cazuguel

TWM Super One Results

Round 1

Junior TKM

Theo Hesketh

Final 1 – 1st
Final 2 – 8th
1st overall

Alexander Page 

Final 1 – 11th with penalty
Final 2 – 28th
12th overall

Hesketh going off pole at Rowrah

Isaac Marsh

Final 1 – 22nd
Final 2 – 20th
22nd overall

Connor Kearney

Final 1 – 26th
Final 2 – 19th
28th overall

TKM Extreme

Matthew Allnutt

Final 1 – 24th with penalty
Final 2 – 33rd DNF
31st Overall

Andrew Lawrence 

Final 1 – 14th up 17 places
Final 2 – 15th
22nd overall

Andrew Lawrence

Round 2


Theo Hesketh 

Final 1 – 14th with Pen and Fastest Lap
Final 2 – 3rd with Fastest Lap
10th overall

Alexander Page

Final 1 – 7th
Final 2 – 6th
5th overall

Theo Hesketh

Isaac Marsh

Final 1 – 20th with Penalty
Final 2 – 28th DNF
25th overall

Connor Kearney

Final 1 – 21st with Penalty
Final 2 – 14th
13th overall

Connor Kearney

TKM Extreme

Matthew Allnutt

Final 1 – 2nd
Final 2 – 1st
2nd overall

Andrew Lawrence 

Final 1 – 15th
Final 2 – 14th
11th overall

Matt Allnutt

Guest drivers

Tony Cazuguel – Round 2

Final 1 – 19th
Final 2 – 20th
18th overall

Edward Gamble – Round 2

Final 1 – 17th up 15
Final 2 – 30th DNF
31st overall

Edward Gamble

Written by Chris McCarthy

Images courtesy of Chris Walker, Kartpix


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