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Tips on getting sponsorship

Tips on getting sponsorship

Sponsorship is all about persistence and marketing yourself. The idea behind sponsorship is that the company is going to give you money in exchange for something. The most common mistake is that drivers forget to tell the potential sponsor what is in it for them.

In most cases it is advertisement, they want their brand exposed to a certain market. Providing that the results are there, sponsors within the industry will come a little easier, but sponsorship from outside will take some work.

Firstly the audience must be appropriate and you need to show them why the audience will be interested in their product or service. Secondly, tell them about any exposure they will receive, whether you are mentioned in a karting magazine, are in a local paper, on a website or have television coverage. Give them as much space as you can offer – race suits, karts, websites, vans, clothing, awnings, etc.

Florian Venturi at the World Finals

The more you can offer the more interested they will be, they may even be interested in using your kart on a stall or a show depending on their business strategy.

Lastly, you must present yourself in the best possible light at all times. It would be economic suicide for a business to sponsor a driver who has a poor reputation or represents them badly. While it may sound petty, simple things like remembering to say please and thank you will make you more appealing.

Social media can be a best friend but also an enemy. A comment or a post if seen in the wrong light can instantly obscure someone’s opinion of you, always bear that in mind. Persistence is key, if a number of potential sponsors turn you away do not lose heart, try to understand maybe why they didn’t sponsor you and things you can do differently next time.

Keep trying!

This article was first published in Karting Magazine in October 2015


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