The Tonykart Media Test Day 2010

Carlo with the karts in the test

A whole day of testing Tony, Kosmic and FA chassis, coupled with Vortex ROK (Junior, Standard and Super), KF2 and Super KF engines, right in one of the greatest and most famous kart tracks, Lonato, Brescia, Italy. The track where the most important Italian manufacturers and teams test their materials, the track where just the day before (we tested Monday), the WSK races were being ran! The rubber of those races still well stuck on the asphalt of the track. The karts used, KF2 and Super KF where the same that ran the day before and won with the Super KF. Emotion has been unbelievable! On Monday still some teams were testing at Lonato and I found myself running lap after lap together with top drivers 100% devoted to karting profession.

Tonykart Media Day
Working on the kart, with SKF driver Gary Catt assisting

And in this day, after an illuminating chat with Mr Robazzi, owner and boss of Tony Kart, it was definitely clear in my mind what karting is all about. We often talk about costs of a kart, also many costs in maintaining a kart in good conditions. But where can we find the same incredible performance? Which other motorsport discipline can give us so much for so “little”? Speed, grip, lateral force, performance, challenge… Why do F1 drivers and champions all come from karting, and why do they want to go back to karting over and over again, even when they are in F1? It is all about sensations and  performance only karting can give. Challenge is so strong that one of the best ways to train for a F1 driver is to race and test with a kart. What is so much simpler compared to a F1 single-seater, a kart, is finally so similar to F1 in many ways. Karting can give so many great sensations and this is the reason why we, kart drivers, all love our sport, and anyone who happens to try a kart, a professional kart, falls in love with karting and the emotions it can give after the first few laps. This is what karting finally is all about!

The Rok TT in action

Rok TT

30mm Tony Racer ST chassis (
BS2 rear brake system
30hp 125cc engine limited to 16000RPM (
Carlo was the first to go out on this engine in the morning so he did two sessions on it. He started off doing five laps acelerating up to 12000-13000RPM then started to push a bit more, and found that the gearing was too high and that he had understeer. The kart wouldn’t slide in the middle of the corners as it would go up on two wheels.
In the second session the Tony mechanics changed the gearing to 11:77 which was much better, but Carlo still couldn’t brake at the right place and it still wouldn’t slide.

The Exprit Super Rok kart

Super Rok

30mm Exprit Noesis chassis (
BS7 front and BS6 rear brake system
35.5hp 125cc engine limited to 16700RPM (
The Super Rok didn’t vibrate as it has a balance shaft like the KF engines and this was very noticeable. As Carlo said, this is helpful for chassis longevity, and it felt completely different to the TT version but not until the higher revs.
There were minor differences in the chassis and the axle was more difficult to control in the exit to the corners as there was oversteer. Carlo felt this outfit had much more potential and that the Super Rok is a much more evolved engine.It has a power valve so it had a good wide torque curve. With the chassis there was a little oversteer in the fast corners although it was already well set up, but maybe some adjustments to the front and rear widths would have made it even better.

The Kosmic Mercury powered by the Vortex RAD in SKF spec


30mm Kosmic Mercury (
BS7 front and BS6 rear brake system
39hp 125cc Vortex RAD engine limited to 16000RPM (
Going out on Ben Cooper’s kart from the La Conca WSK round, Carlo had thhe Vega race tyres fitted to the Super KF, which had great grip and were very smooth to drve so there was no bouncing or sudden loss of grip at the back.
The engine was incredile and Carlo could really feel that it was the pinnacle of engine development. It had a lot of power round the corners as it was always at the maximum torque at all rev ranges. There was a lot of centrifugal force in the tight corners because of the very high power on the exits.
The chassis was perfectly balanced and was easy to handle apart from the grippiness of the track and Carlo felt it was the ultimate karting experience.



30mm Tony Racer EVR chassis (
BS7 front and BS6 rear brake system
37hp 125cc Vortex RAD engine limited to 15000RPM (
We just sneaked in a go in the KF2 kart at the end of the day. It had Vega White tyres on which have siilar performance to those on the SKF. Carlo found it was a great engine, with good performance throughout the rev range but just slightly less than the SKF. The final lap time was similar as is usual at Lonato.