Too many arrive and drive championships?


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Question: Are there too many arrive and drive championships in the UK?

Arrive and drive has become a very popular way to run championships and in recent years more and more series organisers have decided to set their series up that way. The way arrive and drive works is simple. Drivers turn up to the track where the karts will be ready for them, they’ll race for the day then go home leaving the karts for the organisers to transport to the next location.

Sometimes this may be different if the series are hiring the karts from the circuit itself but the concept is still the same.

Benefits: Well it usually helps for a mostly level playing field and saves the drivers a lot of money as they don’t need to transport and maintain the karts. Also it’s great for newcomers to the sport who may not know where to buy a kart.

Negatives: Well maintaining a large amount of karts is never cheap or easy and making all of them exactly the same can be quite difficult too.

But the format is currently booming in the UK with DMAX, Club 100, FKS, EKL and Covkartsport being a few examples of arrive and drive series.

What we want to know is:

Should arrive and drive series organisers work together to lower the amount of championships we have and potentially expand overall grids? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter what you think!

This is an issue that was brought up at the end of last year after calendars between the series became difficult to avoid clashes. We now want to bring the issue back up and find out what you really think. Who knows it might just make a difference…


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