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Give competitors something they will cherish. Fernando Alonso, winner of Saturday’s ‘Kartmen’ fi nal at the ‘98 Elf Masters at Paris Bercy

With the racing series fast approaching now is the time to be sorting out your trophies for the year ahead.  But with an ever increasing choice, quality and tightening budgets, it is more important now to make sure you get the best value.

But how can that be achieved?

When approaching a Trophy Supplier like Aford Awards some basic information will make your job and theirs much easier.

1. How many trophies will you need for the whole season?

A supplier will give you the best prices if they can secure your order for the whole season.  A reasonably good idea will be sufficient but don’t over do it.  The promise of the end of season awards will also sweeten the deal!

2. How often will you call off the trophies?

You don’t have to take a years supply of trophies in one go!  Any decent supplier will hold stock for you.  You can just take the trophies when you want and be sure the stock is there.  If you have engraving for specific meetings give notice of when it is required and they will come to you complete.

3. What is your budget?

Have a budget before you start and stick to it.  Many suppliers will have access to special offers.  By working with your supplier and trusting them they will be able to maximise your buying power and probably upgrade your trophies to fit your budget.  Alternatively they may well be able to get what you want at a discount.  Be open minded and let them guide you.  A supplier like Aford Awards should be skilled at creating bespoke packages for event organisers and clubs.

4. What type of Trophy do you like?

Having said be open minded it is important that you give some guidelines.  Do you like resins or cups?  What sizes are you looking for?  Ask your competitors what they like.  Presenting a trophy that drivers want will encourage more entries and improve event satisfaction.

Armed with this information you will be sure to get a great service.  But there are other ways to get even more value.

1. Can you pay upfront?

Immediate or early payment should always attract a discount.

2. Order early?

Ordering out of season or in good time helps suppliers plan their schedules.  This year people ordering before the VAT increase meant that we could plan the year better and customers now get more attention because we have more time!

3. Ask about end of lines?

Great discounts can be made by ordering end of line trophies.  Again by securing your order early will mean you won’t run the risk of your chosen design running out.   End of lines can be up to 75% cheaper.  We are always speaking to our customers and letting them know about new deals and offers.

So you have done all the hard work.  Now get the Trophies to work for you!

1. Get a business to sponsor your trophies.

Sponsorship is always an area that can cause confusion.  Why not get a local business to buy the trophies for you?  Engraving and printing can include company logos names and addresses.  As an example Aford Awards offer colour printing on plates to make a real impact for sponsors.  It is also far more effective than an advert or a banner at some point around a track.  After all, the presentations are the focal point of an event.  There are also tax benefits for the sponsor!!

2. Listen to the racers.

Too frequently we hear competitors saying that every time they are at certain events they get the same trophy.  Give the racers what they want.  A satisfied competitor will tell others about their experience.  This will increase your revenues and your profile as more people choose to compete in your events.

Most suppliers offer a wide range of trophies

Aford Awards has been established 30 years in 2010.  Our experience is built upon helping clubs, race series and event organisers, and track operators get the best trophies possible.  Choosing a supplier you can trust will allow you to spend more time and money on your events.  We appreciate that that for many kart racing is a passion.  By talking to a company like Aford Awards you will be speaking to a company that is as passionate about our business.

Aford Awards want to support you.