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What’s the best non MSA series?

What’s the best non MSA series?


Welcome to our weekly ‘Question of the week’ feature. Every Monday we’ll be throwing out questions for you to answer and debate. If you have any suggestions of your own, send them in to news@kartingmagazine.com

Question: What’s the best non MSA karting series? 

There are lots of series ran ‘non MSA’ both in arrive and drive and owner driver format. Some run over race weekends and some just over a few hours.


Running non MSA allows the series a chance to create it’s own rules and regulations as such and it can also makes it cheaper to run. Non MSA series have become extremely popular over the last few years with the likes of F100 and BUKC bringing new unique formats of racing.

However there are many more including DMAX, Club100, CovKartSport, RHPK, PFI Pro Kart, EKL, EPEC the list goes on!

But which is the best one? We want to know what you think!


All people who answer will be put into a FREE draw to win a KARTING MAGAZINE VISOR STRIP (pictured below). Made by Jake Designs

Answer in the comments below or on Facebook & Twitter by using #kartingmag

The winner will be announced tomorrow at 6pm.

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Results after 15th March 6pm:

1st. Club100 (30 votes)

2nd. BRKC (28 votes)

3rd. BUKC (20 votes)

Free competition winner of Karting magazine visor strip: Charles Theseira


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