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Who has the best looking kart?

Who has the best looking kart?


Welcome to our weekly ‘Question of the week’ feature. Every Monday we’ll be throwing out questions for you to answer and debate. If you have any suggestions of your own, send them in to news@kartingmagazine.com

Question: Who has the best livery in karting?

There are some really nice liveries/sticker kits out there! To name them all would probably take all day, but of them which is the best?

Our test with the Tony Kart Factory Team

Our test with the Tony Kart Factory Team

We’re not just talking about factories but even the teams themselves? Sticker kits is what helps teams and chassis manufacturers get the brand that is immediatley noticeable in photos and to spectators. It helps commentators and journalists identify karts from a distance or from photos.

Sticker kits also gives a chance for teams or factories to advertise sponsors or partners and allows drivers to perhaps customise their own karts.

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Our test on the Mach 1 chassis

So of all the teams and chassis manufacturers who has the best looking kart? We’ll run a poll and release the results at 6pm tomorrow. The prize… Pride!

May the best looking kart win….


Results after 19th April 6pm:

1st. Jack Dex Racing

2nd. BRK

3rd. Clan Racing

Free competition winner of Karting magazine visor strip: Gordie Mutch



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