Women Only Karting Event

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The first ever women-only karting event will be run at Whilton Mill on the 1st of November. The event is called the WKS Cup ‘Women’s Best of the Best’.

The event has been set up to help promote the society and to help encourage more girls and women into the sport and support the ones who are already out there racing.

We spoke to Stephanie Walters who’s running the event and she said: “I created the event to help bring all the members we currently have together and to help encourage more girls to get involved and to take part and publicise the society. The cost is only £45 and the race is for all women whether you’re a experienced karter or a complete novice. So far, uptake has been really good. Come along, it’ll be fun!”

Search for ‘Women’s Karting Society’ on Facebook for more info.