ABkC News


The ABkC Steering Group and Kart Regional Committee had a very productive day’s session near Donington for its mid-year meeting. This is the meeting when all the classes have to inform the ABkC and the MSA of any changes envisaged for 2011, so suitable notice can be given to drivers.

Chairman Russell Anderson reported on CIK meetings with major manufacturers and the forthcoming World Championships. He congratulated Trent Valley Kart Club on their promotion of the CIK KF2/3 Western Qualifier and reported that the CIK personnel had been mightily impressed.

George Robinson’s review of karting governance has been presented to Council, and Anderson has set up a meeting with the MSA to discuss the implications for the ABkC.

The Treasurer Colin Wright showed the association has a healthy bank balance and
it was agreed to support Help for Heroes at Forest Edge with £500 partly as a donation to charity, and partly for a new perpetual trophy. It was also agreed to help with Louise Aitken-Walker’s Three Peaks Challenge in support of the Meningitis Trust, Cancer Research and Macmillan Nurses charities with £100.

Reports were received from the championship promoters. A review of the criteria expected in applications for ABkC O Plate meetings in 2011 is taking place, but clubs should be aware that bids must be received by mid-September at latest. They need to include provisional dates, so this gives time to review the major 2011 championship calendar by that time. More details will be given to clubs shortly.

Graham Smith reported that the ABkC would be represented at the Goodwood Festival of Speed for the first time, thanks to Go Motorsport and Lord March’s generosity, as well as KartMania and the Autosport International show in January. He also noted that ARKS still offer their 50/50 fund to clubs that have ARKS Examiners. This fund can help clubs promote karting locally, with grants up to £499 available.

Rod Taylor reported that five clubs would be receiving MSA grants to help with their Lets Go Karting schemes. The ABkC has written to the MSA urging them to continue with the scheme, at least for national promotion.


Taylor outlined the new procedures for publicising regulation changes. They
will appear on the MSA website, and eventually, only when the proposals are ratified by Council, will they be published in Motorsports Now magazine. Taylor asked clubs to ensure they reviewed regulation proposals and wrote in with any comments.

The MSA’s technical delegate reported that two types of chassis protector are now approved. The wording of the regulation will be slightly revised for 2011.

There have been a number of worrying axle breakages recently, and the MSA is urging the CIK to mandate an increase in minimum wall thickness.

The BKIA representative reported that it is confirmed that CMR/CMS youth helmets are exempt from VAT.


The definition of a ‘Start’ has been amended for 2011, and from then only karts which cross the actual start line under power will be counted as starters. This means that a kart oiling up on the formation lap will not be classified as a starter.

The ABkC Secretary said that clubs need to look at their supplementary regulations on heat points given as it could lead to an unfair disadvantage with the ‘Points High’ system.

A system for licencing parents or guardians of minors with an entrants licence is mooted for 2012. While the principle was welcomed, there was concern raised if this led to an increase in licence costs and the MSA are to be urged to ensure the new licence is at no or minimal cost.


The Super KF class will be dropped in Super One, the KF2 class will become the MSA British Kart Championship as well as the ABkC KF2 National Championship

The wet tyre for KF3 and KF2 will change to the Bridgestone YKP and this may be used in the KF Winter Series.

The slick tyres for KF3 and KF2 will change in January to the new homologation ‘hard’ and ‘intermediate’ Bridgestones.


Rotax classes will change to Mojo tyres in 2011, with a probable overlap of the current tyre permitted at club level only up to 31st March. An on-track test report of the new non-PCA junior tyre, the D1, was received, showing it to be very similar in performance and durability to the current tyre.

First in the World for 50 years

O-rings will be compulsory in the clutch bearings for Rotax classes in 2011. It was noted that the 11 tooth sprocket will be available shortly with provision for fitting an O-ring. A number of other possible changes in production, all non-performance relating, have been notified to the ABkC and MSA by Rotax.

It is proposed to limit the upper age in the Minimax class to the end of the year of the 15th birthday and reduce the maximum weight of the kart in ballasted race trim.

Some concern was raised about the significant increase in performance from Junior TKM due to the new tyre. The concerns will be passed to the MSA and Tal-Ko.

Cadet, Bambino & Juniors

John Mills Racing requested the use of an additional engine in the WTP Cadet class, but this was turned down as the MSA will likely be tendering for a new Cadet engine for the 8 year-old level next year.

The proposals for increasing slightly
the entry age for junior classes, and the introduction of a Super Cadet class led
to much discussion. The Kart Sporting Committee will review the comments at their August meeting. Taylor said the discussion had been very healthy.

It was noted that the MSA are carrying out a weight survey in the Cadet and Junior classes, both driver and kart weight, and that the Kart Technical Working Group would analyse the findings and report to Kart Sporting.

It was noted that an EAP is being held concerning a Bambino event at Buckmore Park, and the issues will be discussed at the next Kart Sporting Committee meeting in August.

The MSA is waiting for finalisation of the new CIK crash tested minikart bodywork, which will be compulsory for the new homologations for 2011 in the Cadet classes.

Four Stroke

The Direct Drive group will study proposals for tyre changes in World Formula and Honda Junior and Senior. It was noted that the MSA will allow current competition licence holders to race in Tyro classes next year, alongside the Clubman licence holder.


In gearbox, it was proposed that only the use of wing and not high level sidepods should lead to an increase in class weight, and only the full long circuit front fairing should trigger the ‘long circuit weight.’

Motiv airboxes will be allowed for another three years in 125 Open and 250.

A request to permit 450cc 4-strokes to race alongside 250 National karts was received, but further tests need to be carried out.

Graham Smith, ABkC Secretary