ABkC October update

According to the ABkC, numbers seem to be holding up well and indeed the MSA reported an increase in race entries and permits from last year. High points include having an extra 60 NKF competitors at Wombwell boosting their last entry to 110, having 23 KZ UK entries for ABkC Super 4 at Kimbolton and a big entry of Honda Cadets at Bayford forming half the total entry there. Paul Klaassen and his team have received congratulations from the CIK for finding the cheat engine in KF. Rowrah have completed their £60k Lets Go Karting training building, a massive investment for Cumbria Kart Club. There was concern expressed that some circuits are allowing 6 year olds to practice in Cadets when they should only be allowed out in Bambino karts and not mixed. There have been far too many incidents involving abuse this year, either between competitors or their parents, or between competitors and officials. There are on going cases, some awaiting completion of police investigations.

The MSA representatives said that they have zero tolerance, and that they would fully support any official who has received abuse. Anyone has the ability to call the Police if they wish. Landowners have the ability to ban anyone from their circuit. There was some concern that if a PG licence is suspended, another parent can take another out. There is a move afoot to ensure teams have entrants licences and use them. The 2015 seminars will have a section on judicial matters including interpersonal skills. There was also a discussion on IKR, and it was noted that one circuit has moved to having a control tyre to cut down the costs of open formulae. All agreed that we must make MSA racing more attractive and reduce costs and the MSA said they are investigating having stronger links with the National Karting Association.