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Alisha Roland: This won’t stop me from racing again!

Alisha Roland: This won’t stop me from racing again!

On Sunday 3rd of July at the Forest Edge Kart Circuit IAME Cadet driver, Alisha Roland, was involved in a serious accident on track which saw her flipped out of the kart and onto the tarmac at turn 1 after crossing the start/finish line when a couple of karts touched wheels. Alisha, aged 11, fell head first onto the tarmac with her head and neck taking most of the impact.

It was the fifth round of the Forest Edge Kart Club Championship and there were 36 IAME Cadets entered all down to prepare for the fifth round of the LGM Series, which is set to make it’s debut at the track next month.


It was at the start of the first heat when the incident took place and the race was immediately stopped to get medical attention to Alisha. She was rushed straight to Basingstoke Hospital with spinal injuries and memory loss.

Alisha was put on a morphine drip and kept overnight to be monitored with MRI scans set to take place this week. Injuries initially spotted when Alisha arrived in hospital was cuts and severe bruising to her neck, which medics believe was caused by a tyre. Any other internal injuries cannot be confirmed until she has had scans. Other injuries include cuts to her knees and arms.


Her family, including Father Carl, were immediately with Alisha as she arrived in hospital and they have been by her side ever since. They reported she had felt very sick and had been vomiting overnight.

It wasn’t long before the messages were arriving in their hundreds from people all throughout the karting community. Carl has been keeping everyone updated via Facebook and would like to express his huge gratitude to everyone who has been in contact.


He commented: “The support has been amazing with messages flooding in from all over the World showing love and support and it really has lifted her mood.”

Carl also added: “I would like to add how amazing the staff at Basingstoke Hospital have been in making Alisha comfortable. We could not have asked for a better hospital!”

Pictures were then released of Alisha’s race suite and helmet. Her race suit had been cut in half and here Arai race helmet damaged, but they had done their job in keeping Alisha safe in such a serious accident.

Alisha Roland

Alisha took to social media to thank Arai helmets for “Saving her life!” proving how the work the race wear companies do is not only so impressive, but hugely important!

When asked if she would race again Alisha replied “Defo” which is really impressive! The good news is that Alisha has now been released from hospital and is at home.

It’s great to hear the accident hasn’t scared Alisha from the doing the sport again, but Carl has reiterated that a full recovery must take place first.

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It’s unfortunate that only a week after the incident of Mark Barrett we are having to publish a story like this again, but it’s yet again showed how everyone in the karting community looks out for each other in such times.

Everyone at Karting magazine would like to wish Alisha speedy recovery and we’ll hopefully catch up with her when she returns to the track.


Written by Chris McCarthy

Images courtesy of Chris Walker, Kartpix & A Sharper Image Media Ltd Jake Henderson


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