APSM to give prizes for Karting Awards winners!

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We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Andy Priaulx Sports Management (APSM) who will be supplying prizes to the winners of the following categories:

Karting magazine Driver of the Year
Female Driver of the Year
Rookie of the Year
International Driver of the Year

APSM driver Harry Thompson is on the shortlist for our 'Driver of the Year' Award
APSM driver Harry Thompson is on the shortlist for our ‘Driver of the Year’ Award

APSM have been running a very successful Young Driver Programme achieving not only multiple British Cadet and Junior championships, but also the Junior X30 World Championship. APSM is also the only driver management company in the world that have their own state of the art facilities, including 4 driving simulators, a fully equipped motorsport gym, and mental training tools and an in-house sport science team. 

The winning drivers will be invited to APSM, based at Silverstone, for a Group Development Session which will cover every aspect of their racing performance. Our expert coaches will then compile an ‘Initial Performance Review’ report which offers the drivers information about how they performed in comparison to their peers, as well as some training recommendations for them to apply going forward. 


Our coaches work to the five rings model, and will cover the following areas:

1.       Technical and Tactical Skills
2.       Physical Skills
3.       Psychomotor Skills
4.       Mental Skills
5.       Lifestyle and Interpersonal Skills 

The training day will comprise of the following:

Simulator Training

Kart Training – Our primary focus will be on developing the karters technical and tactical skills. Each driver will have an hour long session in the kart which will cover a variety of aspects of their driving (including eye tracking to assess their vision).

Single Seater Training – This will be a great opportunity for the drivers to experience an imminent transition. This session will be aimed at taking their core skills, and increasing the pressure.

GT/Saloon Car Training – To ensure the karters enjoy themselves, they’ll each have a spin in our brand new GT simulator, coached by a 2016 British GT Competitor


Additional Training

Physical Skills Training – Our Motorsport Fitness Coach will run a group warm up, giving every driver some tips of how best to get themselves race ready at the track

Psychomotor Skills Training – Using some of the cutting edge technology available at iZone, each karter will get the opportunity to test, train and improve the essential psychomotor skills needed for successful performance (such as peripheral vision, reaction time, hand-eye coordination, fine motor control)

Mental Skills Training – An introduction and brief assessment to Mental Skills training with our Performance Psychologist, as well as an opportunity to discuss any performance issues they may have been experiencing

Lifestyle and Interpersonal skills – A brief assessment of the karters lifestyle will be included. 

Oliver York
Oliver York

The Technology

Brake Trainer – This a motor control task that allows karters to progress their braking from the typical ‘on-off’ of karting and start to develop their motor control skills

Start Reactions – Another skill to progress from karting, the start reaction trainer works on dual task processing. This will allow the drivers to practice reacting to the change if lights, as well as holding a car at a certain number of revs (race start practice)

Neurotracker – This is a cognitive processing task that pushes a driver’s concentration and attention skills, whilst still training their vision and understanding of how fatigue and arousal affect performance

CardioWall – This a fun, and engaging task, designed to get the driver’s physically ready for the simulators. This also improves coordination, peripheral vision and reactions.

Foot fire – This technology helps to improve the accuracy of the karters motor control with their feet.

The session will take place on a date convenient for all four drivers and we will be there to accompany the drivers and cover the day!

We’d like to take this chance to thank APSM for their generosity.

Kai Askey

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