Art and Birel Merge

The successful ART Grand Prix and Birel outfits have merged to create a new venture aimed at becoming one of the leading teams in international karting.The Birel ART concern will bring Birel’s 55 World and European titles and vast experience of team chief Ronnie Sala together with ART GP which is the only racing team to compete at all levels of the motorsport ladder towards Formula One, from karting up to the GP2 Series.“It’s an honour to begin this industrial project with the Sala family,” said ART GP chief executive officer Nicolas Todt. “Joining forces with a glorious brand, rich in tradition such as Birel represents a very important step in ART Grand Prix’s young experience in karting.“Birel will benefit from our experience in young driver training, and the connection with all ART GP teams. At the same time, we will take advantage of Birel’s manufacturing power and latest technology necessary to launch new, more competitive products both in terms of performance and cost.”The team has announced an initial three-year program with homologation of a new chassis and braking systems for the 2015-’20 seasons already submitted. An experienced management team is to be announced shortly.