Bambino racing achieves MSA status

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It’s hoped the MSA Bambino classes will feed Cadets

Promoters of the newly launched MSA Bambino Kart Championship are keen for the series to be the safest and most reliable form of competition for youngsters ahead of a move up the ladder to MSA Cadet racing. Bambino is open to drivers aged between six and eight years old and will run to a time trial format rather than competitive racing. The championship, which will begin next year, will be promoted by the Zip Kart outfit which was set up in 1964 by karting legend Martin Hines. “Following the launch of the tender process for tyres and engines in 2012, and subsequent signing of them for this year, the Motor Sports Association has been very proactive,” said Zip Kart commercial director Dan Parker. “The class has also become closer and more popular. The aim of this championship is to be the genuine first step on the MSA ladder for drivers who can then move up into MSA Cadets at eight years old. But it has to be a step which is both safe and reliable. “In September, the MSA came round to the fact that many kids can race in Bambino karting but they’re going about it via non-MSA routes. This decision provides safety for Bambino drivers as well as parents and guardians.

It’s also the next level for the MSA.” Parker praised Bambino Kart Club founder Darren Beavers and Garry Walker, who set up the Bambino-focused Racing for Buttons initiative which teached youngsters the basics of karting. “Both have done an awful lot for the history of Bambino racing,” Parker added. “Darren will part of the new championship. Drivers of all ages want to race at circuits around the country and this series will be as much about developing social skills for the kids, as it will be about the competition. We have not entered into negotiations with any circuits, as we must wait for next year’s Super One and Little Green Man dates to be announced first.” Racing on consistently big grids with competitive drivers has been the key to Dean MacDonald’s success over the last few years, according to his dad Jonny.

The 13-year-old, who took the MSA British Cadet title in 2012, claimed the MiniMax title at the final Super One round of the season at PF International ahead of Alex Quinn. MacDonald Sr said the large grids have enabled the new champion to demonstrate his advanced skills. “It’s all about the racecraft,” he said. “Everybody can go fast, even in a bad kart if you slipstream, but racing is a different story. Dean has shown that this year. He’s had a hard upbringing with big grids from a young age. For a kid of only 13, he’s had to work hard but that effort is paying off.” MacDonald Sr said he plans for his son to continue in karting until at least 16 years old: “We’re over the moon but next year Dean will be back to Europe to take the EuroMax title. The plan is for him to go into cars but I believe in drivers serving their apprenticeship. He’ll move when he’s past 16 years old.”