CIK-FIA fail to test new front bumper fairing correctly

Bosses of the CIK-FIA have admitted that they failed to test the new front bumper fairing for safety on uneven ground, away from the track.

The use of the fairing, which was introduced at the start of this year, was suspended last month following criticism from drivers and concern at the possibility of the bumper being ripped off and travelling under the kart.

“If the front fairing drops down onto the lower bar, it could, under certain circumstances, pass underneath the kart,” said CIK-FIA executive secretary Kay Oberheide. “This could only happen if the front of the kart is lifted upwards which is possible if a driver leaves the track and the kart crosses the verge or if the driver is off the track on a surface that is not flat, for example on grass. We should reproach ourselves for not having tested this system away from the usual track, on uneven ground. We have conducted a successful test in which we found a solution. I am confident that we will be able to implement this system for all international events at the beginning of May.”