Club100 launches new class

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The “Pioneer’s of arrive and drive 2 stroke kart racing” – Club100 and the Easykart UK Championship are excited to announce a new concept of ‘arrive and drive’ racing for 2015.

Club100 ‘E’ Class will be a “concept of fusion” between Club100 karts and Easykart resulting in an ‘arrive and drive’ racing category that will exclusively run within the 2015 Easykart UK Championship.

The new formula will use a Club100 Birel N35 kart and will be powered by an Easykart IAME TAG racing engine as used in the Easykart UK Championship. The Club100 ‘E’ class has been designed as a stepping stone for drivers aged 16 years + between the existing Club100 racing series and the Easykart UK Championship. Club100 ‘E’ class will be restricted to a grid of 20 places on a first come first served basis. It will be run as a UK Championship over 8 rounds as part of the Easykart UK Championship. Practice will be on Saturday afternoons, qualifying will be on new Vega tyres and racing on the Sunday as per the Easykart racing format.

The Club100 ‘E’ Class Championship winner will win a brand new Easykart 125cc racing kart worth £2800! Club100 ‘E’ Class is around 1.5 seconds faster than karts in the Club100 Championships and will be TAG – touch and go – push button start! However the Club100 ‘E’ Class performance will only be around 3 – 4 seconds per lap shy on performance compared to an Easykart Senior Kart. Easykart Importer Andy Cox on the new class – “It’s something we have been thinking about for a while, it’s designed for drivers that are contemplating purchasing an Easykart and becoming an owner driver for the first time. Club100 ‘E’ Class will give them an opportunity to experience the format and atmosphere of an Easykart race meeting in a more powerful kart but will still be an ‘arrive and drive’ concept. Drivers in Club100 ‘E’ Class will gain confidence and experience before maybe deciding to move up to Easykart the following season.”

Club100 boss John Vigor on Club100 ‘E’ Class – “This is definitely something very new and unique. A great opportunity for drivers to be involved in an ‘owner driver’ environment but without the initial added pressure of transporting and maintaining your own Kart. As well as the current Club100 membership, this could also attract drivers back into the sport of Kart Racing”. For more information and a general chat about the new class, talk to John Vigor direct on 01795 422455