Easykart to bring all engine servicing in-house


It is already obligatory for all Easykart Cadet Engines to be serviced by ACR Ltd. For 2016 this will also now apply to Easykart Junior, Senior lights and Masters engines.

98% of Easykart UK engines are already serviced by ACR Ltd. However due to a few isolated incidents with other engine builders it is now decided that all engines in Easykart UK must be serviced and rebuilt by ACR Ltd in 2016.

This decision is to ensure and maintain a high level of service and quality to our clients and above all a legal and level playing field in Easykart UK.

Costs for engine rebuilds will remain fixed for 2016 offering a high quality service and great value for money compared to other companies in the UK karting market.

Details of the engine service schedules and rebuild costs can found at www.easykart.co.uk/karts/engine-servicing/