Electric Kart Series prepares to launch

North America are preparing to launch their first ever electric kart racing series in the shape of the ­GZero Championship Racing Series.

EVC Racing karts (official suppliers) will combine ​the heart ­pounding thrill of speed with the pursuit of a greener future in a new motorsports format. ​

The series plans to host six championship events throughout Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island ­ dates and locations to be announced soon. The Series will challenge drivers and their teams at a variety of unique temporary circuits in some of the region’s most vibrant and iconic venues. Bringing the series into the heart of various communities.

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Our test of the ZeroK electric kart (link to full article at end of article)

Karting’s heritage as the grassroots entry for motorsports enthusiasts into the sport is also reflected in the series desire to feature homegrown talent and to be a proving ground for tomorrow’s technology.

To learn more visit G­Zero Championship Racing Series on the web at gzeroracing.ca or find G­Zero Racing on Facebook and Twitter.


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