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F100 Festival – The chance to test one yourself!

F100 Festival – The chance to test one yourself!

Location: Fulbeck / Fulbeck Kart Track, Stragglethorpe Lane, NG32 3JE Grantham

Date: 30th April 2016

F100 Spirit of the 90s has exploded onto the scene in the last two years. Formed by a small group of enthusiasts to indulge in their passion for the karts of the 90s era, it has grown into a fully-blown British Championship of 60+ screaming 100cc’s at each round.

The championship is known for its friendly paddock with a clubman type atmosphere where anyone would help their fiercest rival to see them get out on track.  We think this is a real benefit, taking karting back to its roots and making it about having fun, as it should be!

To promote the championship and give back to their loyal members F100 is hosting a completely FREE event. That’s right, The F100 Festival FREE to all members. The event is being held at Fulbeck on the 30th of April where the whole facility has been hired, fully insured with medical and marshals on site.

Non-members are more than welcome and encouraged to come along and experience the event. Bring your 90s equipment and join in on track, or sample the selection of arrive and drive karts including the reigning British Championship and ‘O’ plate winning karts for newcomers to experience a Formula A kart. These activities incur a small fee to non-members of £30 each to cover the costs of the event. The track fee is fully redeemable should they wish to register as a member on the day.

The day will be packed out with games and activities, kart and driver seminars will be held to encourage new comers and help them get up to speed. The cream of the F100 championship will be on hand all day to give help and advice.

Karting magazine will be there!

We will also be present at the festival with Piers Prior attending to try out some of the karts with a full review to follow on kartingmagazine.com Piers is already getting very excited about the event and commented:

“I’m really looking forward to attending the F100 festival this month. I was sadly born too late to witness the screaming 100cc beasts of the time, and everyone always says how it was the golden era of karting. It’ll be my first time seeing these karts in person, and the first time I will have driven one too. I’ve heard great things and can’t wait to give it a go.”

Karting magazine will also be covering the event with live videos on Facebook throughout the day so be sure to tune in on #kartingmag

Images courtesy of Paul Babington


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