First win for Charlie Bingham of Team7Racing with Haase

“It’s been a long time coming but our belief and determination has finally paid off” says team director Jay Shepherd. “From the start of our team, we knew we would compete at the top level and have proved this by winning at PFI in one of the most competitive formulas this weekend.¬†HaaseIT have a superb product and chassis that does deliver out of the box.

It takes all things working together to reach success and the first point of call is the driver. Charlie has the desire, determination and focus to never give up. Secondly, an engineer to supply an engine to compliment the above and we found this with RPM Engines giving us support and the best possible chance of success.

Team7Racing is a small and humble set up that works tirelessly to achieve the results against all odds. Against greater budgets and teams out there, it proves that our ethos has always been that money doesn’t always buy success.”

Anyone looking to try the Haase product or are looking for team services preparation or kart storage contact Jay at Team7Racing.