FKS announce fixed camera system for 2016

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Formula Kart Stars has announced that the 2016 season will see the championship further establish itself as one of the leading karting championship by introducing a fixed camera system to provide real-time surveillance of on track action. The system, which is being developed exclusively for FKS, will be installed at each event of the 16 round season and provide a live feed which will be monitored by dedicated personnel at the FKS Race Control centre.

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FKS managing director Sebastian King commented…

We have a policy of always listening to our competitors to gather their feedback and implementing the changes as soon as feasibly possible. The development of our leading fuel procedure during this season was a prime example. Building on this for 2016, we have commissioned the development of a bespoke fixed camera system incorporating live streaming directly to our Race Control unit. This will provide us with the very best technology available to enable us to monitor what is happening on circuit. 

The fixed camera system is a further example of the leading systems developed and utilised by Formula Kart Stars, joining the bi-directional transponder technology monitoring each karts performance, and the wifi barcoding technology used to regulate all Formula Kart Stars equipment.