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FKS launch Young Driver elite club

formula kart stars
Formula kart stars

Formula Kart stars have launched a Young Driver Elite club, established
to help talented drivers take their
next steps through motorsport. Club members will get to visit F1 teams and factories, media training, access to F1 training programmes, invitation to meet team principles at the British Grand Prix.

Entry to the club is by invitation- only and in order to qualify for entry drivers will have to be Top 3 of FKS Anthony Hamilton is at the heart of the new initiative classes in each year or FKS Historical Champions or Bernie Ecclestone Driver of the Day award winners.

Club president Anthony Hamilton, father of double F1-world champion Lewis, said: “As both Lewis and I know, to be successful in motorsport requires a huge number of things to come together. Through the creation of the Young Driver Elite club we will provide drivers with not only access to the core training required to be the best, but we will give them the opportunity to access the right people, in the right places, at the right time to progress their careers. If the driver is willing to work hard, play hard, learn
and develop, we are prepared to do everything in our power to assist them to be the best they can be.”