Get a FREE weekend’s racing with TWMotorsport

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They are the team who have taken the TKM classes by storm this year and Tim Wilson Motorsport (TWM) are now offering an exclusive deal to all new drivers who join the team for the 2017 season.

Next year TWM are expanding as they move into the X30 and OK classes on a full time basis. They dipped their toes in the water late in 2016 and had immediate success which they added to their multiple race wins and podiums and national and club level in TKM.


They are arguably the biggest team in the country in the TKM class with over 40 drivers racing in the team throughout the year. With over 20 year of experience the team which consists of ex Super One Champions will be expanding with plans to dominate the X30 and OK classes.

All drivers who sign up for the 2017 season will receive FREE awning space on their first weekend!! 

To be eligible for this deal you must be a new driver to the team.


So if you’re looking to change team next year in the TKM, X30 or OK classes then why not enquire with TWM. They will be competing in the following championships next year:

Super One Series (including all shakedown events)
Trent Valley Kart Club Championships
Shenington Kart Club Championship
Kimbolton Club Championship
Rissington Club Championship
Selected Clay Pigeon and Dunkeswell club events.

TWM pride themselves on being knowledgeable, passionate, experienced and a friendly team.

So if you’re racing any of the above championships in the TKM, X30  or OK classes contact Tim Wilson at