Golspie fights back with full 2015 calendar

The 2015 season for the Littleferry Kart Circuit at Golspie in the Scottish Highlands is secure after fears that the track would be inundated by the sea. Following a crowd funding campaign by the club and collaboration with other local companies and organisations, the barrier between the track and the sea has been made much bigger. It’s not a permanent solution and £300000 funding is being sought for a large scale project.

The club says “for this season the committee has decided to cut back on MSA events in the hope in the long term we may convert some
of our open racers.” Dates for this year are as follows, with some car and cycling events as well:

✙ 29th March – Golspie IKR
✙ 28th June – Golspie IKR
✙ 27th September – Golspie IKR
✙ 26th April – MSA
✙ 26th July – MSA
✙ 30th August – MSA
✙ 25th October – MSA
Scottish meetings
✙ 31st May – ASKC Scottish Super Series, Round 2