Historic Kart: RetroRacer rule changes bring Formula A into line with F100 series

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Recent rule changes by Historic Kart race series promoters RetroRacer’s have brought their flagship Formula A class into line with the similar F100 Spirit of the 90’s series.

In future competitors in the RetroRacer formula A series will be able to use either the current Mojo D2 / Vega W5 rubber or with immediate effect Komet K1H and  Komet K1w tyres.

Further to this the weight limit of the RetroRacer pre 95 class will fall into line with F100 at 148kg. The weight of the 2 series pre-2000 classes already being the same.

A spokesman for RetroRacer said “We want to give everybody the chance to compete whenever and wherever suits them. It seemed a no brainer to make it easier to cross between the two series which had very similar regulations anyway. It would be great for F100 competitors to experience the atmosphere of an all historic kart meeting such as we organise and we felt that it was necessary to facilitate this.

Now competitors can cross between the two series without even having to do as much as move a block of lead.”

The remaining Dates for RetroRacer 2015 are:

  • Hooton Park May 2nd 3rd
  • Global cup Glan y Gors June 6th 7th
  • Llandow July 25th 26th
  • Red Lodge August 22nd 23rd
  • Rowrah September 19th 20th
  • Tattershall October24th 25th