Hugo Hakkinen quits karting


It is unlikley that we will hear the Hakkinen name racing in F1 again any time soon as 15 year old son of Mika Hakkinen, Hugo has decided to hang up his helmet in pursuit of a career in football.

Hugo had been racing in karts for several years, achieving mixed success at a cadet level in France. Father Mika won back-to-back titles for McLaren in 1998 and 1999 but Hugo has decided his future lies away from the race track.

Mika wrote in his McLaren Blog…

“Hugo tried karting, and he was good, but it was not his passion, He is 15 now, and his passion is football. He is committed to trying to become a professional football player and I will support him in that. I do not mind that he will not become a professional racing driver, although I would have supported him if that is what he had wanted. You support your kids like that, don’t you?”