Introducing RGMMC’s new Junior Sport class

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It’s a European Series that offers a full arrive and drive package for €15,000! Four weekends, 34 on the grid with every round live streamed by Telemundi Media.

What is the Junior Sport class?

The Junior Sport class is a brand new concept brought in by RGMMC this year which will run with the Rotax Max Euro Challenge Series. The class is for drivers aged 11-15 and is a full arrive and drive package which will ensure a fully level playing field.


How does it work?

It’s quite straightforward really. You pay €15,000 for the season or €3900 per round and for that at each round you receive: 

  • Complete Kart (Praga)
  • Kart Trolley
  • 1 set slick rims
  • 1 set wet rims
  • Engine
  • Awning space
  • Work bench (inc. tools)
  • Fuel
  • Practice day fee
  • 2 sets of practice tyres slicks
  • 2 sets of practice tyres wets
  • 2 sets of race slicks
  • 2 sets of race wets

At the end of each round all the kit you receive must be returned.

Junior prefinal winner Enzo Valente

Track Time

At each round the drivers will follow the same format:

Wednesday – Kart collection
Thursday – Free Practice
Friday – Free Practice & Qualifying
Saturday – Qualifying Heats
Sunday – Pre Finals and Finals


As previously mentioned the series will follow the Rotax Max Euro Challenge. The series is comprised of four rounds with each driver dropping their worst Pre Final and Final.

Round 1 – Genk, Belgium

30th March – 2nd April

Round 2 – Salbris, France

25th May – 28th May

Round 3 – Wackersdorf, Germany

27th July – 30th July

Round 4 – Castelletto, Italy

21st September – 24th September

I’ve been to three of the above tracks and the racing they provided this year was fantastic. The only track I haven’t been to is Wackersdorf, but it is a track I have always wanted to visited. It’s very flowing with lots of overtaking opportunities and elevation changes. As a result the racing is always very close. Below is a video from the 2012 Euro Challenge.

Will it work?

Now anyone from the UK will be probably see this and think FKS. Let me tell you, this really cannot be compared to FKS in my opinion. RGMMC have been running their series for 14 years and are arguably the best organisers of a race series in the World. They now have a series for both the Rotax and X30 classes, with a Winter Cup for both too. They have always had impressive grids and have also setup their own production company and very recently, consultancy business too!

The class will run as part of the Euro Challenge so there is a fantastic stepping stone for drivers to perhaps move into another class in the series once competing and gaining experience in the Junior Sport class.

As their logo says ‘This is arrive & drive like never before’ and is a very good price too! Everything will be ready when drivers arrive and I can’t see this being anything other than a success.



Entries have now opened for the series and I’ll be interested to see which drivers get their names in the hat early. In my opinion this is a perfect opportunity for drivers who haven’t got the budget to go and do the Euro Challenge series with a team. Everything will be taken care of by RGMMC so I’m expecting lots of front running domestic racers to be coming to compete. I expect this to be popular with privateers too.


The series will be live streamed by Telemundi Media and watched by thousands around Europe and the World.


James Giedel – RGMMC President

“We are pleased to have launched this new category in the Rotax Max Euro Challenge. Its a great opportunity for drivers wishing to step into International karting in a simple manner and attract new drivers to race abroad who otherwise may never have got the opportunity to do so.”

James Giedel
James Giedel

Written by Chris McCarthy


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