Karting magazine issue 705 – free download

Download issue 705 for free using the link below.
Download issue 705 for free using the link below.

YES, you can download 2015’s first issue of Karting magazine for free.

Karting magazine was established in 1960 and for 2015 we’ve taken on a bold new look. We still have the same great features, race reports, news, insight and opinion from karting across the UK and around the world.

In issue 705 we cover the newly homologated karts, the 10 things you need to know about the Rotax EVO, tips on getting prepared before every race, the five things we learned from Superone in 2014, the most stylish karters, an interview with Sean Babington and much more packed into 100 great pages.

We want to spread the word about the sport of karting and so we’re offering this issue and this issue only, for free to help you kick start your year.

You can download issue 705  of Karting magazine here – feel free to share the link in your circles.

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Your subscription will start with our next issue, issue 706, where we cover IAME’s new 175, the electric kart movement, the four-stroke Superkart future, an insight into British kart companies, the 80bhp MONSTER of an engine, tips to get your head in the game and more.

We’re the original and best karting magazine in the UK and we’re dedicated to helping people get the best from karting, whatever their level.