KGP Will Stay With Super One

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Formula KGP chief Andy Cox says the championship will remain on the Super One calendar next season, despite a drop in grid numbers this season.

A total of 11 drivers have competed at least three of the five rounds of the season so far, with 10 drivers racing at the last round at Rissington in August. At last yearís final round of the season at Larkhall, there were 23 starters in the class.

“Entry levels are significantly down in other class such as KZ, TKM and IAME Cadet in Super One,” Cox said. “Even Rotax is only fielding 30 to 35 drivers in the Senior class. Itís important that KGP is the only category which is the quickest at Senior level and the only category which is relevant to the old Intercontinental A that people want back. Other engines such as X30 and Rotax are not the same.

“If people are waiting for the new CIK KF regulations [in 2016], nothing is going to change for another two years so itís up to the drivers to get out there and compete. It will be interesting to see if those 33 X30 Sr Kartmasters entries carry into next yearís LGM Series.”